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October 6, 2019


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love u



November 10, 2018

Welcome again Bangkok

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Arrived after a very smooth flight with Qatar. All went well and Bangkok is still as it was last year.

November 25, 2017

Koh Payam – retro

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We had a great stay st the island. as always. met old friends and spent plenty of time with nothing. nice chats and talks and tons of food. the only drawback at this time : sand flies. the most evil animals ever. got bits all over the body, more than 50 I guess. itching all over. horrible, the last two nights at Payam we were not able to sleep even we had this green herbal oil and antibiotic creme. now while being in Bangkok it seems to get a little better.

and right now in BKK sitting poolside and having breakfast 

October 29, 2017

Bangkok 2017

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We arrived 9:30 in BKK, I have slept 5 hrs and felt fresh, immigration was smooth coz of a priority lane ticket and we were at the hotel around noon. Room was almost ready and it’s a small but cozy. close by we had the first lunch and yes, beef noodle soup 

beef noodle soup

and Som Tam Thai (spiiiiiicy)

and the first pad thai gai with a cold chang beer as a side dish ;)

sawadee khrap and aleu mak mak ;)

Tonight roof top bar and cocktails….

October 28, 2017

Vacation 2017 – start

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Todays morning our vacation 2017 has started. Got up early 4 am to drive to Milano. You are right, crazy but if you get the flight for half the price it definitely worth it. Ride was easy and took me 6 hrs. Booked a garage close to the terminal, we got a ride to the terminal, all perfectly fine. Some minutes left at Malpensa airport and after a 35 min flight we reached Zurich.

Next stop over Zurich , if you never had a shower before departure you should do ;)

Perfect , now we can board the plan. Flight time to BKK is 11 hrs but it will be ok.

will keep you updated with pictures from above the clouds … stay tuned

PS so sad that we miss Maschinenfest this year ….

November 6, 2016

Just an afternoon snack…

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Nachos with cheese and chicken … belizian style with a beer…

Verrrrry tasty

Belize – finally

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Guys, we made it :) Sitting here in Belize, Ambergris Caye. Flight from IAH was easy, just 2 hrs. Arrived at International Airport and took a taxi to the domestic airport. To fly from domestic saves us 40 US$…. The taxi driver was asking where we are from and was suprised about the answer. Told us that he knows 2 german guys which are brew masters @Belikin beer brewery. And we had our first stop at a small bar and had a local beer. Tasty.

We arrived at the domestic airport soon. During the ride we got an introduction of Belizian life style, music and history. The domestic airport is tiny. But a checkin counter and a terminal. :) We decided to fly Tropic Air. They operate with Cessna Aircrafts (10 seats) Flight is 55 US$ per person. And I need to say it´s definitely worth to pay….


frontrow_cessna island_from_above tropicaircessna

November 4, 2016

Vacation starts

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So now it’s time to depart. Spent the night at the hotel close to Frankfurt. Breakfast at lounge and now boarded. Looking forward to the adventure…. you better belize it :)

Yeah … front row :)


October 17, 2016

MF 2k16

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Couple of days ago Maschinenfest ended. It was great as always and we had lots of fun, beer and music. LineUp can be found here Maschinenfest

Friends @MF

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