November 9, 2017

Bye Pangkor

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We had a really pleasant stay at Nipah GH. Even the weather wasn’t that nice as it should but the coastline was affected by the taifun in Vietnam.  now it’s sunny and clear and we have to leave heading towards Georgetown. We met some nice and friendly people, thx to Shelley and Darren from Finding Beyond the first digital nomads I met so far. I wish you good luck and always a safe journey. Stay hungry. A quite nice dinner at Coral Beach with a pretty sunset 

Seems that backpacker like to stay among themselves if traveling in smaller groups. But anyway. While sitting on the ferry to Lumut would like to share to view 

3 hrs to go by bus and we have been promised that everything is ok while Penang was flooded but the old town areas should be fine. Will keep you posted.

November 6, 2017

Pangkor – today with sun

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it didn’t rain during night but starts 7am. But forecasts say we’ll have sun today so we decided to rent a scooter and do a roundtrip on the island. Before we extended our stay for one night , I found a mistake in our planning , I forgot one night. So better here than in Georgetown. Took some pictures while crossing the island , here they are

Breakfast is really nice, a kind of D.I.Y you get eggs and sausages and have access to the public pan. Butter and toast and jam available as well and you can make pancakes if you want. 

So really a place to stay and even better with sun. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

November 5, 2017

Pulau Pangkor

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Finally we made and stay at the best guesthouse so far. Nipah GH at Pangkor island. Very cozy and nicely maintained.

Unfortunately it’s still raining. We brought it from the Cameron’s with us. Not really the rain season is a little bit extended than usually.  And valid for the whole coastline. May be we need to change our travel plans.

The room is like an A frame with an enclosed bathroom, an AC and it’s clean and big enough for the two of us. TV is available as well but since we arrived in Asia I don’t miss it and neither does Mandy. Went out to spot a place for tonight’s dinner and we saw two Hornbill birds!! At Kao Yai we must be lucky to spot them and here it is

November 4, 2017

Cameron Highlands – rain rain rain

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Unfortunately, we had not the best weather.  Clouds all over and it rained most of the day. No hiking (not well equipped for that) 

You can see the clouds nearly down to the town…. So a small room, nothing else to do than hanging around and walk the main road there and back. I got a little depressed but I hope it will be better tomorrow if we reach the shores of the sea in Pangkor. Only solace for today was a quite good coffee 

and my wife which was optimistic as alwasys. Love you for this .

November 3, 2017

Cameron Highlands -Tanah Rata

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after a 4 hrs very comfortable bus ride arrived in Tanah Rata. Climate changed dramatically and after being the last days in BKK and KL I can breathe fresh air and temperatures around 24 celsius. The Hillview Inn is an old small hotel and it reminds me with this charme to the times 15 years ago. Because of the cool climate an air  con is not needed and we can sleep with open windows, looking forward to it.

Tanah Rata is just a single road with a bunch of shops, restaurants and travel agencies. We are a little bit on the hill so far from that. Bought our tickets already for next trip and made the plan for tomorrow. Hiking and may be rent a motorbike for half a day. 

Small but with an enclosed bathroom, breakfast is served downstairs for 1,50€ per person. Perfect.

November 2, 2017

visit Petronas

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The good things today, got our tickets for the bus ride to Cameron’s Highlands and visited the Petronas towers. We made it just in time even started 2 hrs before the appointment from our hotel. It was great, first stop at skywalk 41 st floor (170 mtr above sea level) 

and second stop at visitors platform 83rd platform. Stunning view over KL.

The windows will be cleaned from the outside as well, it takes half a year for one tower. If you need a job which gives you some adrenaline you may apply. 

Took the public transportation back , done within 30 min. Met a young german couple , the knew how to order an Uber cab but had no idea what need to be seen in KL. 

Went to a chinese restaurant for late lunch and i ordered pork. Special _whatever_ pork. I got deep fried pork fat. What a happy meal.

Tomorrow will go to Tanah Rata, hiking and relaxing …. keep you posted for sure.

November 1, 2017

Kuala Lumpur

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We arrived in time, but took us nearly 2 hrs to get to the hotel. So 6 pm is a perfect time for dinner. a million food stalls in the neighborhood so we choose a location which was recommended by the guard. Food was great , malay style. Nasi Laksam Ayam which is a popular national dish. 

And garlic naan bread. what you see is garlic. Pieces!!! Cutted not smashed!!

But the best thing at the D’Majestic hotel is the pool. Have a look and I’m right there with a Tiger beer ;) You may see the Petronas as well, illuminated.

bought tickets online for tomorrow 7 pm to get up to visitor platform .

bye Bangkok – hello Kuala Lumpur

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Got up 7:30 and need to have breakfast in akins if a hurry. Best way to go to DM airport- BTS to Mo Chit and take a taxi to airport. Cost is 200 THB for two. Fair enough and it saves time as well. So while sitting at the airport and waiting for boarding it’s all relaxed and smooth. Looking forward seeing KL again after haven’t been there for a couple of years. 

October 31, 2017

Bangkok by bicycle 

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Wow. It feels a little bit strange to start at Sukhumvit road with a bicycle. But after a couple of hundreds meter we reached a quite nice park . Only 4 guys, and all german. Bicycles in a great condition and we got helmets as well.

​After 40 mins we crossed the Chao Prayo river by boat and reached the green lung of Banglok, a small island right in the middle of the majestic river called Bang Kachao. A very bicycle friendly island with a lot of courses for bikes. 

We spent almost 3 hrs here, watching birds and our steps as well. Some lanes were as small as the handle bar wide. But it was fun to have a ride in the shade of the trees. And we saw a lizard as well, the second largest species in Asia. Only the Comodo dragon is larger, sorry no pics taken. Had  a stop at a fancy nancy (and expensive…) hotel called Bangkok tree house.  Impressive ceiling , made of bamboo.

Back in Bangkok after almost 5 hrs we were hungry and went for a quick meal and a fresh beer. Back at the hotel , we took a shower and jumped into the pool. For dinner we choose Asok , Soi Suda. Nice food and a banana pancake on the street for desert. yummy. So now we need to pack our stuff tomorrow heading towards Kuala Lumpur, see you guys there. And the people here celebrate Halloween and I have been told just because of an ancient goddess won the fight with the pumpkin ;)

October 30, 2017

Bangkok – lazy monday

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Got up 5:30 am but anyway if you went to bed 8pm it’s fine.  Gym opens 6am , breakfast from 6:30. perfect :) after breakfast just pool business, hotel has an onsen ( japanese warm bath for relaxing…) as well. The hotel is more a residence with some hotel rooms, esp for asian guests. But brand new and a little bit hipster like  ;)

Before noon we went to the famous MBK shopping center.  siam square is totally renovated and looks pretty but it’s still busy and overcrowded… so back to our area and we found a really good food court, locals only. tasty duck soup and thai milk tea  ;)

After having a nap we decided to go to Soi 11, roof top bar @nest for Mchito monday. 

Very relaxing and with some spring rolls a perfect stay. One of the recommended places for Pad Thai is Ekamai but it was too far to walk from . had a snack and reminded us to the food court at Thong Lo, Soi 38. Food was great as in our memories and the Leo beer was refreshing cold…. 

Mathias and Anja will remember , miss you here.

That’s it, wrote that down to whom it may concern and will go to bed soon, tmr we booked the bicycle tour and i’m really excited about, will keep you posted….

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