November 11, 2016

Snorkeling @ Caye Caulker

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Caye Caulker is known for diving and snorkeling. Mandy was never good in cause she gets panic while breathing through the gear. But she agreed to join the tour. We booked a half day trip with Anware Tours. Starts 10:30 am. Ok. Ready. Mandy was nervous. Me too just because of the weather. It looked terrible, like a grey wall of clouds. 7 people on the boat. 3 stops were proposed. Ok let´s go.

Side note. A guy on the boat said “I know you. You are an instructor…” he received a training from our company. this world is so small…..

On the first spot we have be instructed not to touch corals and neither stand on them. Ok. I had a close look at my wife but what a wonder, after a couple of mins she was doing well. And I took my first under water pics! here you go.


Next stop was the Shark-Ray-Alley. We were excited. And indeed, the guy brought some small fishes to feed the sharks. And they came… it was awesome. Us, surrounded by sharks and stingrays. and other fishes. I touched a shark (nurse sharks) and its skin is like sand paper and velvet. Really cool.

Nurse shark

and a Stingray..


It was a great day. Worth  to have paid for. We had a couple of beers and a snack afterwards and the traveller talk as well. It was nearly 3 when we went for a cake @Chef Juans. And the cake is still good :) Tonight we will go for grilled fish and lobster…..

November 9, 2016

Caye Caulker

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Today we moved from Ambergris Caye to Caye Caulker. We felt a little bit disappointed by La Isla Bonita…. or may be our expectoration was wrong. Caulker is like Ambergris 20 yrs avi. Well it is a touristic island. No doubts. And rooms are quite expensive.. finally found a double with a/c for 45  US $ per night. Small but fits the purpose. It’s definitely much more quite and not that busy as Anbergris.

For a short moment I found myself thinking about places in Asia. But I should not compare….

Found a small food stall in the second line. One of the best chocolate cakes ever!!!

And went to the same place for dinner tonight… The famous chili bowl and pulled pork. Very yummy.

and now same beers, continue reading André Agassis autobiography and let’s see who will be next in the white house….

November 7, 2016

Lazy days…

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Today it feels that vacation has started. I got up 6 am (after a terrible evening with karaoke and a bunch of drunken british soldiers…) and took a walk to the Coffee House. They have italian machines and coffee is from El Salvador. Tasty. Not cheap. But anyway. And the breakfast at Terris Nacho’s was quite good and only 3 US $. We attended a chocolate class and have been told how chocolate is made. For dinner we might will have burger ( the place we had the nachos yesterday…)

The rest of the day is ….. poolside:)

Ambergris Caye – first day

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It´s still rain season here. And yes it rains. Not the whole day but a couple of hours. We stay at Pedro´s Inn, nice clean room for 45 US $ per night.  First night we slept for 12 hrs. Remember, travelled for 48 hrs to Belize with 6 hrs of sleep. Had an awesome Belizian breakfast local style at the Banana Beach resort, accompanied by a friendly Canadian lady and her Belizian boyfriend.

A power nap was needed afterwards and we had a walk to cross the island. It´s pre-season but you can still imagine how over crowed it might be during high-season. San Pedro is just 3 roads, front, middle and back. But it´s well known from Madonnas song “La Isla bonita” (you may remember the lyrics “last night I dreamed of San Pedro…..” this is here..) To walk around the island takes you 30 mins if you walk slow. :)

November 6, 2016

Just an afternoon snack…

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Nachos with cheese and chicken … belizian style with a beer…

Verrrrry tasty

Belize – finally

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Guys, we made it :) Sitting here in Belize, Ambergris Caye. Flight from IAH was easy, just 2 hrs. Arrived at International Airport and took a taxi to the domestic airport. To fly from domestic saves us 40 US$…. The taxi driver was asking where we are from and was suprised about the answer. Told us that he knows 2 german guys which are brew masters @Belikin beer brewery. And we had our first stop at a small bar and had a local beer. Tasty.

We arrived at the domestic airport soon. During the ride we got an introduction of Belizian life style, music and history. The domestic airport is tiny. But a checkin counter and a terminal. :) We decided to fly Tropic Air. They operate with Cessna Aircrafts (10 seats) Flight is 55 US$ per person. And I need to say it´s definitely worth to pay….


frontrow_cessna island_from_above tropicaircessna

November 5, 2016

United States

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Finally we arrived with a delay of 4 hours to Dallas, DFW. Flight was quiet good and comfortable. Food was great.

But it was really late when we got the rental car. 4 hrs ride towards Houston. We stopped after half the distance and took a power nap for one hour in the car… arrived at the hotel (which is a good one…) at 3:15 am and then catch a sleep for 2 hrs. Now to IAH Houston and next destination is an unbelizeble one :)

November 4, 2016

Flight delayed…

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We have been told be captain that one of the left engines did not pass the assessment… now we need to change the plane. Fortunately they have another A 340 here. Catering and luggage need to be shifted. Passengers as well :) Sonst the end 3 hrs delay. Received a text message from Lufthansa that new dep time will be 1pm. 

Vacation starts

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So now it’s time to depart. Spent the night at the hotel close to Frankfurt. Breakfast at lounge and now boarded. Looking forward to the adventure…. you better belize it :)

Yeah … front row :)


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