November 14, 2016

Caracol- lost Maya city

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As offered by Renato we went with him and his wife and little daughter to Coracol. 45 miles south direction of San Ignacio. It was a terrible ride in an old Toyota taxi…. to call the road bumpy would be a praise. But finally after 3 hrs we made it. Benefit of this road the ancient place was less crowded with tourists. And it was worth to go there. Built between 5th and 9th centuries it’s still impressive. Highest building is about 150 ft and we climbed it up. My hamstrings were greeting me :)

Caracol Maya site01

Caracol Maya site02

We were discussing the purpose of the ancient city as well as the situation close to the border of Guatemala. Robertos wife brought delicious lunch, rice and beans and potato salat. Yummy. Next step was the Rio Frio cave, a huge cave with a beach inside. And we met 4 other germans at this place. Unbelizable. :)

For our refreshing the last stop on this journey was the Big Rock waterfall. I don’t know why people always like waterfalls but even I do.

Back at the camping ground it was 6pm (we started at 7 am) and our backs hurt a little bit. Went out for dinner to the local street food place and had burritos and chicken wings for 20$ BZ. Great food.

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