November 13, 2015

Chiang Mai – Elephant Camp 

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We have been at an elephant camp yesterday , even for us it was the first time. Pickup was around 8 and one hour to drive to the mountains. We got the instructions about the camp and the elephants, their life and food and for sure how to handle them. Small group of 6 people. It was a little bit difficult to get on the back to ride. A small bamboo stick helps , rub on the front head and yell “thoi” means go back , jut means stop. After the lesson was done we had a lunch and afterwards we were making balls of tamarinds , salt and rice to feed the elephant. Our elephant was a female and her name was Khon-Dee. The mahout was with us for sure. one elephant one mahout – a relationship for an entire life. It felt scary for the first meters , sitting on the giant. You sit on her back , 2 meters high, nothing to grab and you will realize that a wrong move might be the end of the journey. But Khon-Dee was really good, we stopped when she was hungry and found a lot of green plants on the way. It was a great feeling to ride an elephant. An elephant needs a bath 4 times per day. So let’s go swimming :) A small pool fits up to 3 elephants. They were scrubbed and washed , and they obviously enjoyed it. When we finished the  elephant washing ceremony … we brought them to the mud bath. It’s like a body lotion , bacteria protection and sun protection as well to them if they over and over covered with mud. 

It was really an enjoyable day and to ride an elephant is a once in s lifetime experience , if you have the chance , do it.

Pictures will follow. 

November 11, 2015

Chiang Mai

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Back to the northern city again after 4 years. And without any prejudices , seems better than the last time. Last time I run away after two days. Had (so far) the best noodle soup for 30 THB and the drink of this vacation is … yes Chang beer as always but Thai tee , sweetened and iced , very yummy.

Update: try Burmese food at The Swan, close to Tapae Gate. Authentic Burmese cuisine , pickled tea leaf salat as good as in Birma.

March 5, 2011

Chiang Mai

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Chaing Mai. We were here 10 years ago. It was a busy place at this time but it wasn’t so overcrowed as it is today. The guesthouse we had choosen in advance is not bad but if I’ld stay longer than two nights another guesthouse would be probably better. But for us the first really relaxing days. Doing nothing than laid back business. Means sitting and having coffee (more real coffee shops than Bangkok I guess…) or good and cheap food as well as traditional massages. In the street where the guesthouse is located it goes like this .. guesthouse.. bar .. massage ..guesthouse .. bar .. massage. Ok you got the message ? Fine. I need my in-ear headphones to get a sleep. But only two nights. Most important to visit the Doi Suhteph temple. It wasn’t that spectecular as we thought but it is one of the most important Wats in northern Thailand. I bought my “worship package” (contains two candles, a lotus flower and three insences) for 10 baht and talked to Buddah. Well let me see if it was a good conversation. Ladies are happy because of very valuable massages and I hope that the pain I have since my first massage in Bangkok becomes better and I feel well again. Notice : not every smiling thai woman is able to do a good and correct massage. Tomorrow we’ll go to Sukothai which is also a former capital of siamese kingdom.

Pak Chong – Ayutthaya

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We went to Ayutthaya by ordinary train, 23 thai baht (50 € cents) and it was fun. A lot of people in and every second another offer for cold drinks, food or snacks. Ayutthaya was a former capital and was destroyed by burmese troops in 1767. This will be never forgotten by thai people. We chartered a Tuktuk for a roundtrip through the ancient city. It’s more comfortable than walking around during in the heat of the day. It was interesting to see the old buildings and ruins some of them were rebuilt to demonstrate how the life was in former ages. At 21:01 pm the train to Chiang Mai leaves which was our next destination. With a little delay we started the ride to the north. 12 hours by train. But no worries it is a so-called “sleeper” :)

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