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November 9, 2017

Bye Pangkor

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We had a really pleasant stay at Nipah GH. Even the weather wasn’t that nice as it should but the coastline was affected by the taifun in Vietnam.  now it’s sunny and clear and we have to leave heading towards Georgetown. We met some nice and friendly people, thx to Shelley and Darren from Finding Beyond the first digital nomads I met so far. I wish you good luck and always a safe journey. Stay hungry. A quite nice dinner at Coral Beach with a pretty sunset 

Seems that backpacker like to stay among themselves if traveling in smaller groups. But anyway. While sitting on the ferry to Lumut would like to share to view 

3 hrs to go by bus and we have been promised that everything is ok while Penang was flooded but the old town areas should be fine. Will keep you posted.

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