November 13, 2017

Melaka – our day

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Slept well and got a roti canai for breakfast. Even my shoes got dry , lucky me. Went out to explore the small city, built by Portuguese and Dutch people in the past. We found even here wonderful street art

Melaka street art IMelaka street art IIMelaka street art III

and had some food from a small chinese stall. After that back to guesthouse and took a rest. It was so nice to sit on the balcony and had a Tiger beer before noon ;)

And Uber is back on duty , what a wonder. Best thing today was the E scooter ride.

E scooter

25 MYR for 30 mins but definitely worth the fun. Just cruised Melaka.

E scooter rulez

Next stop was the gym of the former Mr Universe which seems to be a local hero.

golden glory ;)

So now pickup the laundry, search for a place to have dinner and get some beer. Sounds like a plan ;)

don’t mess with - really?

Btw I saw this logo but afair it’s the motto of Texas, or am I wrong?

what a day ….

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Going from Georgetown to Melaka sounds like an easy task. But it wasn’t. entered the bus 9am in Georgetown but officially started from Butterworth at 11. damn. the chosen bus company seemed to be one of the creepiest all over Malaysia. At the end it took us 10 hrs instead of 7 and we arrived st the guesthouse by 7 pm. and btw Uber sucks, I re-entered all needed information but always an error occurred so took a normal taxi. The guesthouse is awesome, made with lovely details and very well maintained. Which makes it one of the most expensive to stay in during our journey. We found a hawker food court at the end of Jonker street (which is at night a bigger tourist trap than the Chiang Mai night market…) and as soon as we had our dinner finished a heavy rain shower started. My shoes got so wet I stuffed them with newspaper to get them dry.

Wayfarer guesthouse room 1

Our room has a balcony to riverside and while typing this I have a nice view

Riverside view

Today’s schedule is findig a laundry and explore Melaka by feet. To rent a scooter seems to be not an option , too small. Tomorrow KL again, one more night and then back to BKK.

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