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November 25, 2017

Bangkok – last night

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We spent two quiet days in BKK. Shopping was done at the MBK within 2 hrs. So time to enjoy the pool at Galleria 12 Hotel and for sure, we have been out for dinner at the same place as for the first night. delicious and yummy as always. BTS  was overcrowded but less than Sukhumvit road itself. Time for more beer at the pool and a little recap of this trip.

After all, it was great and I feel relaxed. Even I had some stress with myself for two weeks. But anyway. Went to bed early and get up early as well, enjoyed Malaysia, especially Penang and Pangkor, food was great everywhere.  Met some interesting people and some others to skip. Will not book everything in advance for the next time, gives us more flexibility , just in case a flight is canceled like the AirAsia one this year.  Unfortunately I did not finish all the things I had on my list. Postponed for next time. So tomorrow will go back via Milano and Zurich. And yes I’m looking forward being home again, see my friends and relatives, back at our house and on my desk.  Yes stupid german as I’m  ;)

October 28, 2017

Vacation 2017 – start

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Todays morning our vacation 2017 has started. Got up early 4 am to drive to Milano. You are right, crazy but if you get the flight for half the price it definitely worth it. Ride was easy and took me 6 hrs. Booked a garage close to the terminal, we got a ride to the terminal, all perfectly fine. Some minutes left at Malpensa airport and after a 35 min flight we reached Zurich.

Next stop over Zurich , if you never had a shower before departure you should do ;)

Perfect , now we can board the plan. Flight time to BKK is 11 hrs but it will be ok.

will keep you updated with pictures from above the clouds … stay tuned

PS so sad that we miss Maschinenfest this year ….

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