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November 15, 2014

A post from above the clouds

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Emirates offers a 10mb wifi connection so I’d like to take the chance to send a post from above. We will reach Dubai within 2:55 hrs , stopover for 2:50 hrs more and will reach Munich around 7pm CET.
Update: had the stopover in Dubai and now just 1:30 to go. Welcome back.

November 14, 2014

our journey comes to an end

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We had 2 more nights in Bangkok with an enjoyable stay at the Icon hotel @ Sukhumvit Soi2. Roof top pool was an additional benefit. Went 5(!!) hrs today for shopping and picked up my new shirts from the tailor. Afternoon was reserved for a rest and for our last dinner we had chosen a very nice place at the end of Soi2. A lot of fish and seafood for a reasonable price.


Back at the the hotel , packed out stuff (took 15 mins, coz we are experts) and now sitting on the roof top with a last Chang (or two) and we both agreed it was a pleasant journey, great impressions , we met old friends and new nice people. Birma was great and may be I will summarize Birma later on. Thailand welcomed us as usual and “our” island is still worth to visit.


So time to say good bye, Mingalabar and Sawasdee and Choke Di as well. And yes , we are really looking forward coming home tomorrow. Thanks for following this blog, please continue reading.

November 13, 2014

Koh Phayam – Bangkok

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It’s over for this time , we just left the island. Had a wonderful stay @JJs place, thank you so much again


Last night we met Tim for dinner which was great, even we don’t see each other often it is always a pleasure and we will keep in mind for ever that power without control is nothing.
We will return sooner or later, may be it will not take 3 years again. The island is growing but it’s still a place to be. The beach is quite and nice as it was long time ago. You should check it out by yourself :)


I wrote this while we are waiting for our transfer to Ranong airport , 2 nights left in Bangkok. But we are looking forward coming home, seeing our friends and our home.

November 11, 2014

Koh Phayam – as it is

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Even a lot of new stuff has been set up during the last 3 years it’s still my favorite island. Aow Yai beach is quite relaxing ( I have been told it’s overcrowded in the high season) and the food is still great wherever u go.
I get well from the cold, had a massage and tomorrow we’ll see Mr Morch and P Oi again. And btw, the sunset is beautiful as it was and will be always.




November 9, 2014

Koh Phayam

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Yeah we were able to make it ;)
Flight from Yangoon to KawThaung was ok, even we flu with Maynma Airlines which are not recommend to chose (but it was a code sharing flight and we had no other options) Mandy survived it without any kind of pills, even we had 2 stop overs.
Crossing the border was really easy. I expected more trouble but it was smooth. Go out of Birma (NO permit needed!) , take a boat to Saplanpa pier and clear immigration for Thailand.
A Songtheaw brought us to Ranong market and I went into a bank to exchange money. Terrible staff there. Anyway they serve good food at the market and we had a noodle soup and Pad Thai Gai for 40 Baht.
The blue Songthaew goes still to Phayam pier as it does like 14 years. Good to know. Several speed boat companies offer their service and we arrived after 35(!!) minutes the beloved island (to whom it may concern .. on our first trip just 4 people on the boat and it took more than 3 hours)
Got a nice tent @JJs and it felt like coming home. This island brings me down within a couple of hours.
So everything good so far. The bad thing is I have a cold (I guess the air con in the bus from Mandalay to Yangoon) and it rains @Phayam. What a shitty combination. Will move to a bungalow (everything in the tent seems to be wet) and Mandy brought even Antibiotics.
Just a few people here. Bamboo bungalows is now 3 times the size (we had a walk through it)
I’m sure I will be well day after tomorrow (with all the help from the pharmacy)

November 6, 2014

Yangoon – last night

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Arrived to Yangoon this morning. It was raining since 36 hrs. Full moon and this means end of rain season. WTH. But the rain stopped in the afternoon and we went to buy some stuff we might need. Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to cross the border easily tomorrow.


Beside this, we found a small food booth which serves excellent Vietnamese coffee ;)

November 5, 2014


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The streets we walked 8 years ago are now mega highways. The noise is unbelievable and it seems that this city became a top business place. I was so pissed the first night (we went out to buy bus tickets) coz of all terrible noise. My head was hammering and even Mandy said “oh oh….”
But it was better next day. We were using A local mini bus (like a song thaew in Thailand) to the Mahamuni pagoda. The Buddah image is still keep growing because of the gold. For the night we decided for a small restaurant on the banks of the Irriwady river. Beer was good and cheep and we were watching the sunset while we had a nice dinner.

Tonight the Boss bus will carry us to Yangoon and tomorrow morning we will go to the lovely Phayam island.

November 2, 2014

Viewpoint hiking

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After a day of rest for my legs and a wonderful massage given by Master Soen Thein we gave it one more try. Travel guide recommends a view point and we started around 9 am. Crossed the monastery as mentioned (visited the Buddah image made of bamboo strips) and walked on a road with no signs , we had no map at all, only a short description from the travel guide. Road was made for 4 wheel trucks and some small motor bikes. Way showed always up hill for 1.5 hrs and we were well prepared with a lot of water :) We met some girls from a tribe which has its village here and they were asking for … candies ;) Lucky they coz Mandy still had some Werthers Echte left in the daypack. After approximately 9 km we reached the sign “view point – only 7 mins to go” Great. A friendly Nepali family runs a small restaurant and we got delicious Indian food and massala tea.


The view was breathtaking. An amazing landscape as far as the eyes can see.

Images will follow as soon as the connection is more stable.

At the end we escaped from the rain, had one more Burmese tea and spoiled ourselves with a hot shower. The good news to me was, I made, my muscles worked it out and it’s a pity that it happend to me on the 3 day trek but I have to take it as it is.


November 1, 2014

sunrise over Kalaw

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Taken from the rooftop


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