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July 21, 2010

Monterrey – 3rd day

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I´m happy. My suitcase arrived within only 2 days delay. 2 days same clothes, 35 °C outside, aircon inside. Blame K*M famous dutch airline in cooperation with the famous french airline. Working conditions are fine after 1st day. And the hotel has a pool *smile* Yesterday we went out for dinner, typically mexican food. A lot of :) But very tasty. Totally different from what they serve in Germany. A friend of my colleague told me that yesterday 17 people died by grenades in the neighbourhood. Northern México bombing Good to know. I should go for a Desert Eagle…. Kidding. But a lot of people were kidnapped during last weeks just to press money from their families. So better stay at the hotel , use only taxis called be hotel staff and don´t go out by night. On the other hand, Monterrey is surrounded by mountains. Nice to see…. you can check out the facts about Monterrey here And Monterrey is also called “City of mountains” coz it´s surrounded by Sierra Madre Oriental. To give you an impression …. a part of Sierra Madre oriental Famous mexican musicians El Mariachi ….

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