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February 19, 2011

Thailand – one week 2 go

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Saturday morning. Snow and pretty cold here in Germany. I feel much better since all examinations done, except a high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Have to work on that, healthy food and exercises required from now on. And reduce tress. And the first share will be our upcoming vacation. Next saturday we´ll be in Thailand. I´m exciting and happy to go again. We have a rough idea where to go. Start in Bangkok, do tourist stuff (remember one our our buddies comes with us…) and I´ve to go for a new tailor since the last tailor does not longer exists. Then we´ll visit the Kao Yai National park. We were there years ago but it was great and will do a tour again with guys from Kao Yai Greenleaf Tour And I hope all the guys are still there I remember Mr Bird a real expert Green Leaf team. After that spend a day in Ayuttaha , one of the former capital of the Thai Kingdom because we´ve never been there in the past. Night train to Chiang Mai and travel afterwards down to the Andaman coast to reach finally Koh Payam. Sounds easy and relaxed. I mentioned yesterday I look forward getting my first thai noodlesoup and having my first beer Chang. I´ll keep you informed here in this blog, keep on reading.
And I guess I´ll travel with the original iPad, bought a camera connector (to get images from memory cards) to share pictures with you. And I can imagine you´re really dying for this :)

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