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March 13, 2011

Koh Payam – 10th anniversary

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10 years ago since we came first time to Payam and to Bamboo Bungalows. Long time I guess. A lot of things changed during that time. Even we didn’t come every year we saw the development and growing of the island. And of the Bamboo as well. Instead of simple bamboo huts they have nice bungalows made of stone and power by solar. As we arrived at the pier I tried to buy tickets for the speedboat which goes frequently since three years. It was fully booked. So I bought tickets for the slow boat and what a surprise also the slow boat was full with people and stuff for the island. Unbelievable. I told the old story again when we went by a normal longtail boat to Payam with four people on it. So you may know how it is changed. More people more business more resorts on the island. No longer daily beachvolley ball (seems that there are not longer “highly sports motivated” people…) or may be it’s because guys like Tim or Chris didn’t come the way. I must correct myself the new court is just few meters from here and I’ll join the game later on. I got a massage by Oi and she was able to fix the pain at the back of the neck. She told me to tell the guys at the massage studio in Bangkok (not sure if I would like to go there again…) “if they don’t know what they’re doing than better do nothing…” I guess she is right but how to find out in advance if a massage is good or not ? Anyway I suggest go and get a massage from a place where you know excactly that it is a good one.
12th March
Topic for next days as mentioned twice is doing nothing. We went out for a coffee yesterday and while we were sitting and having a strong italian-style coffee we were able to watch a marriage of butterflies. I tried to take pictures but either my camera is too slow or my eyes are too old. Tonight we will have dinner with Tim and we are looking forward to hear his stories and talked about old times and what’s new on the planet.
Yesterday an earthquake and based on that a tsunami hits Japan. Unbelivable. The world is not that small as we might it to be…..
13th March
What a surprise… while we were playing volleyball the J-man appears!!! So we agreed that he comes to the place where we will have dinner. So I told Mandy I have a surprise for her and she was really surprised when J-man appeared. We had great and cheap food, Tom Yum soup and Masaman curry and fried basil with garlic and pepper. And as a desert J-man ordered banana pancake! As in the old times when we ordered five mins before they closed the kitchen pancake and/or banana fritters. We were talking about a lot of things and sometimes it seems that we tried to turn back the wheel of time. All guys at the same table, sharing food and stories. Great. I felt very comfortable with this and Mandy as well. What a nice evening.
14th March
Had a great dinner at Ois place.We got an invitation for a private dinner with Tim, Ian, J-man and Annie and it was really awesome food. And it was like in the old times sitting around and talking about journeys and travels.
Just to let you know what is most important business at Payam. Food, massage, sundowner cocktail… just smooth and relaxed.

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