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December 1, 2012

Mui Ne – more russians

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We arrived in Mui Ne after 6 hrs ride by bus. Hotel is clean and may be 30 $ would be enough but staff is friendly and the atmosphere nice. However we thought that we had left the russian enclave Nah Trang but unfortunately even Mui Ne is 80 % russian occupied territory. *sigh*
We went out for dinner and found a valuable restaurant. Most other locations much to expensive and some of them have a russian menu only. Well you may understand that if there´s no vietnamese and no english language we feel not welcomed at those places. And while we had dinner we were discussing if either we are too old or the times have changed. Here in Vietnam we didn´t find a place like we know and have been in Thailand. Or may be we glorify the old days at Koh Payam when we were sitting around a table and talked about everything and anything. May be we saw enough places and we´re not made for those trips any longer. Next vacation brings us may be to the Harz (famous landscape in the middle of Germany) or to New Zealand or Canada. Too many “may be`s” right now. Let´s see what will happen.
Tomorrow we`ll rent a motorbike and go for the famous dunes and seeking for some smooth local areas nearby.

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