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November 11, 2015

Chiang Mai

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Back to the northern city again after 4 years. And without any prejudices , seems better than the last time. Last time I run away after two days. Had (so far) the best noodle soup for 30 THB and the drink of this vacation is … yes Chang beer as always but Thai tee , sweetened and iced , very yummy.

Update: try Burmese food at The Swan, close to Tapae Gate. Authentic Burmese cuisine , pickled tea leaf salat as good as in Birma.

May 10, 2015

Rome – May 2015

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Even it took a while but finally I made my wife’s wish come true and for her birthday we went to the eternal city.
The flight was short and even if we had chosen a low-cost carrier it was ok. As you may know hotels are mostly not cheap in Rome we decided to get a room on AirB´n`B. It worked like a charm, we found a nice and clean room in Trastevere, a hip and cool area.
Rome is not that stressful as I thought, everything (tourist attractions) can be reached in a walking distance. The food and the coffee is still great. Our tipp try the suppli, a typical rice with mozzarella deep fried stuff, verrrrry yummy.
It was Mandys birthday and I took her out for a nice dinner in Trastevere.


Next day Vatican city, Sixtina, and St Angels Castle. We visit the Colloseum but haven´t enough time for queuing. So much to see , we both agreed we´ll return definitely. We had a great time for sure. Thank you very much my dear.

this is not the Trevi Fontaine :) (internal joke)  

inside the Vatican museum 

the large St. Peter’s square  

Swiss guarde 


October 27, 2014


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Not that much western influence as we found in Yangoon , still a cozy small Shan city. We were able to buy Star cola (local stuff before Coca cola has been arrived) and we knew this from our last trip to Birma. See how old fashioned people like us can be happy ;)


Took a walk around and found a traditional Burmese massage (7$ /hrs) and it was great. The arranged boat trip on the Inle Lake must be cancelled for today coz of Mandys stomach. So will stay at the pool side today and do – nothing ;)

The Burmese food was great last night , curry and tea leaf salat and Myanmar beer as well for less than 10$.


October 22, 2014

Our anniversary night

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We arrived to Yangoon in the afternoon. Our taxi driver had some problems to find the guesthouse but at the end he made it. Nice guesthouse , friendly people and a cozy atmosphere.


We decided to go out for dinner and choose the real burmese food which is 5 mins by car away. The food was awesome. We ordered 2 appetizers, 2 vegetable dishes and 2 main courses. Plus 2 Myanmar beer. We paid 36 $ for all what you see at the table


It was a fantastic dinner , even we never thought 15 years ago that we will be here in Yangoon tonight.

October 21, 2014

Bangkok – Night market & food

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Went to MBK for the announced night market. Wasn’t that big as expected but a lot of nice and tasty food. Let me summarize.

2 pancakes – 25 Baht
1 bowl with deep fried eggs – 50 Baht
1 noodle soup (beef) – 50 Baht
1 plain rice with garlic pork – 50 Baht
1 Thai style crepe (sweet) – 30 Baht
2 small Thai style sausages – 20 Baht
1 huge bowl of Som Tam – 40 Baht
( Mandy had tears in her eyes but she made it till the end)


In summary 7 (!!) € for an awesome dinner on the streets of BKK. To whom it may concern you should definitely go coz of the great food :)

And now a big Chang and a Tiger beer before we will go for sleep.

Tomorrow nothing else than pool side and the flight to Yangoon at 1:30 pm

stay tuned , will keep you updated

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