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March 7, 2011

Sukothai – craddle of Siam

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Sukothai. Craddle of Siam in 13th century. We arrived by bus from Chiang Mai and we all were a kind of lucky that we had left this busy place. Guys from J&J GH picked us up from bus station so it wasn’t that difficult to find the place. And it is beautiful here. Couple of bungalows stand around a small green. Because they moved to this place couple of months ago there is no swimming pool but we can use again a pool in a hotel which is closed to here. We went there and after two hours when the sun goes down we walked to the night market to have dinner. Very tasty and a lot of curries and appetiziers. Only disadvantage here in Sukothai is that after dask billions of small flies come out. They don’t bit or anything but it is not a nice thing to have them in your food or in your glass of beer. We agreed to a tour through old Sukothai for next day and went bedwards.
Today we started the tour with our private Tuktuk at 8 am to avoid the heat in the aftnoon. The entrace for the main area was free today may be why they built up a Muay Thai boxing stadium inside. The old wats and temples, stupas and chedis are in same condition as we saw it years ago. I guess that more roads were built up but not sure. Anyway the whole area is very well maintained and everywhere people cleaning ways or cutting trees. Maybe a kind of meditation…. We were impressed by the size of old Sukothai and of nit’s wats. First to see was Wat Mahathat which is one of main temples here. I don’t wanna tell you the names of the other places we visited because we spent there around four hours. It was amazing and breathtaking and it was so quiet here that we found our time to talk to Buddah. On the way back, it was 1 pm, also nthe wind was hot during the ride. What to do after arriving ? Switch aircon on (yes we have a working aircon…) take a shower and go for a rest….next destination Koh Payam

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