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August 30, 2011

I survived…

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… my parents :) Which means I survived their visit. As we may know (and agree…) view point changes when you become older. But it´s difficult only talking about “the good old times…” and no focus on now. But still they´re my parents and so I´ve to serve. But twice a year is enough :) Tomorrow I´ll go to Gent, Belgium for a 3 day trip. And maybe I can tell more news next week about how it becomes in the future.

August 28, 2011

Sunday morning…

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..which is an old Lou Reed song :) And it is sunday morning today. Long time ago that I added my last article here. Sorry. Yesterday I came back from Hongkong. Not my first trip but it was a hard job. Anyway. I´m back at home. Back to our house and I was really glad to be back. To see my wife and breath frankonian air. Our house is now finished ( as finish as a house can be..) and it´s a great feeling. A lot of work was done and well, it was it worth. Every Euro and every minute. Just to let you know. And I´ll try to add articles more frequently coz this is the meaning of a blog. Let´s see.

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