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April 9, 2022

Los Angeles – arrival – departure

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nearly 12 hrs from HEL to LAX. Touchdown as estimated. And you may believe or not we made within 30 mins to get out of the airport. Taxi brought us to the Motel 8 by Wyndham. Went to grab some Chinese food, took a shower and went directly to bed. A little kind of a jet lag which kicked us out of the bed 4 am, even alarm clock was set to 4:45. Breakfast was included so we got a “coffee” and Mandy had 2 mini muffins. Not that bad she said. Our transport arrived very early. The lady was older than me and drove a Chrysler 300 limo. The ride to LAX TBIT was short, the whole airport area is under construction. Nevertheless we made it easy through BGP and grabbed our breakfast at the AMEX Centurion lounge. No opened yet but they provide a grab’n’go box which contains a wrap, cookies, chips and fruits. Not bad.

March 28, 2022

Oahu – day 3

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Idea for today. Do the coastal hiking trail which will bring you to the most western point of Oahu. Right beside the Pacific ocean with a stunning view.

Coastal hiking trail west Oahu

Whole trail was 5.5 miles, there and back. At the end of the track a big fence stopped us but with a door, closed with a latch. Just to protect the Albatross colony and their breeding. Eggs would be stolen otherwise by rats and mungo.

On the way back the light rain catches us. Nasty even it was not cold. So 2 miles with wet clothes.. not really fun. Pace was increased so we made the round trip within 2:25 hrs for 9,5 km.

Most western hill at Oahu … and rain.

Back to our tiny house for a shower, a quick light lunch and a rest. For the afternoon we decided to visit the Kualoa Ranch, famous for the reboot Hawaii Five-O production. Soon enough Mandy realized that it would be closed as soon as we would arrive. Damn. Skipped this plan for some shopping and coffee so we drove direction Kahuku. Sunday afternoon when in Germany the sky is crystal clear and everyone goes for ice cream or coffee or or or… most locations here were closed from 5 pm on. Wired. But we grabbed food for dinner at Foodland supermarket and spent the rest of the day at Papa’iloa beach for sunset. And were not disappointed… see by yourself

sunset Papa’iloa beach
Me, my Hawaii shirt and Mandy 😊
final stage ….

For tomorrow… go to bed early and get up at 4:30 for a sunrise hike at Lanikai beach. Ride is approximately 45 mins . I hope it’s worth the effort.

March 23, 2022

Inflight internet access

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Finnair provide internet access and I purchased one hour. It is fast and stable. Atm 33 people using it.

USA – 2022 – March 23rd

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We started early morning with a flight from Nuremberg to Amsterdam. A friend gave us a ride, thx anyway. Check In was smooth and we have time tone to get a coffee at the Duerer Lounge. Formally know as Lufthansa lounge. It was pretty good for 5 am. Short flight to AMS (fully booked on an Embraer190) and now we need to wait until Finnair opens their booth. Counter.

Our luggage. Not that much for a four week trip…

So excited about everything. We never flu Finnair Business before so let’s see what the Scandinavians will offer.

October 14, 2021

Dubai 2021 October

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We changed the dates and skipped the trip the Barcelona. My right achilles‘ tendon is not 100% back after the surgery. So a pure city trip might be not a good idea. Instead of Spain … we landed in Dubai after 6 hrs of flight. For the stay we picked Hilton group hotels. Conrad Dubai , reservation made via an impresario website and the Hilton Al Habtoor City. Both 5 star rated and yes. they are worth to be labeled with 5 stars. Arrival was early morning and we were at the hotel at 8 am local time. But as a Hilton Honor Diamond member we got a room immediately and of course an upgrade to an executive room as well.

Lobby at Conrad
Lobby at Conrad
Executive Lounge
Conrad room
Bathtub with a view
Housekeeping prepared bed for the night

The service is absolutely stunning, the room is spacious with a huge window.

View from 44th floor

The pool area is large and we spent some relaxed hours there.

Pool at Conrad
Pool at Conrad

Dubai is a city for a week if you mix it with shopping and rest. So the plan was to do not that much. Burj Kalifa and Dubai mall as well as some food experience was put on the list.

tallest man made building

Expensive to go up but hey, it’s vacation time. Level 125 was our aim.

Dubai nights from above

Dubai Mall is the largest in the world. measured by shops and visitors. unbelievable large…..

After 4 nights we moved to Hilton Al Habtoor City. It’s in the same area as the LXR and the Curio V hotel. Same here, friendly staff and an upgrade to an executive room. The view during night from our room is better than TV . We enjoying it with a lots of Gin Tonic :)

Room view from above
Bathtub with a view at Hilton Al Habtoor
Windows till floor level give you a great feeling
Cocktail is always welcome

September 10, 2021

Back for strong

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Old guy training…

October 6, 2019


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love u



November 10, 2018

Welcome again Bangkok

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Arrived after a very smooth flight with Qatar. All went well and Bangkok is still as it was last year.

November 25, 2017

Koh Payam – retro

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We had a great stay st the island. as always. met old friends and spent plenty of time with nothing. nice chats and talks and tons of food. the only drawback at this time : sand flies. the most evil animals ever. got bits all over the body, more than 50 I guess. itching all over. horrible, the last two nights at Payam we were not able to sleep even we had this green herbal oil and antibiotic creme. now while being in Bangkok it seems to get a little better.

and right now in BKK sitting poolside and having breakfast 

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