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March 23, 2021

Namibia 2021

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Here we are … Flight via Addis Abeba. Was ok and entering Namibia was easy. We got a lift from the rental car company. After 2 hrs of briefing we got on the road to the first camp, still in Windhoek. We agreed to spend 2 nights to get familiar with left hand driving and with the awesome pickup truck with a roof top tent.

It was great . we slept well and did some shopping for the journey.

Next stop : Kalahari desert

Endless roads, a green Kalahari , a nice and cozy lodge …. perfect.

Our first safari ride, with Gnu’s, Zebras, Ostriches and Giraffes. wow.

Next stop : Namib desert

An almost empty camp inside the National park, a perfect camp ground and a absolute stunning view.

Yes climb up the Dune 45 , 170 mtr’s and made it within 60 mins.

A great thing if you travel like we did , you can have a breakfast and coffee wherever you are . Even in front of the Unesco world heritage Soussvlei and Dead Vlei.

And we comb the desert!!!

From here to Swakopmund. Endless dusty roads, and we came from 35 degrees Celcius to 18 degrees at the banks of the Atlantic ocean…..

Mandy did the little 5 desert tour ….

On the way to the famous Etosha national park we had a short stop at Cape Cross with its seals.

And again breathtaking scenery…

November 10, 2019

Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia

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After 14 hours of traveling we arrived late night at Nipah GH, Pangkor. I still do not feel very well so the journey was quite pain. But we were welcomed by Alicia so warmly so I think it is a perfect place to recover soon.

Alicia and Anur and the kids are still so gentle and warm hearted. the GH is almost empty, may be coz of the economic situation in Malaysia. just guessing . I got more medicine and now after 3 days it’s really getting better.

More to come.

Nipah GH

Singapore, Singapore

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The city welcomed me with an epic cold. The airbnb was great , having an own shower and a shared swimming pool is definitely a plus in a city like Singapore, especially if you pay 50€ per night. And if you are used to public transportation in big asian cities… no need to stay in the center with it’s fancy nancy hotels.

Airbnb Braddell Road pool

First evening was ok, we met with my coworkers from our Singapore office for lunch in a hawker center and later on for a walk and dinner at Marina Bay area.

At this evening I knew I will be sick really soon and it happened. the next 48 hours I stayed in my bed, took painkillers and slept 20 hours a day. Fever , cough, cold. I feel so bad for mandy . We had so many things on the list and we didn’t realize even 20% of them. Anyway we will return and start the Singapore business again.

laser show at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Merlion

November 1, 2019

Bangkok – 2019

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Being in BKK again. Arrived after a smooth Swiss overnight flight and we made it from the time we touched ground to the Solitaire hotel @Sukhumvit Soi 11 in less than 90 mins. It’s nice to be back, cloudy sky and 25 degrees Celcius.

some you might know where we have been for the first dinner

Coffee Mocha with Marshmallow topping

October 31, 2019

Belgrade. Serbia

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Went for a business trip and can’t remember which time I was there. I crawled my memories and looks like it was during the old commis days. Trip was successful so i’ll be in Belgtade more often in the future. people are kind, food is great and the old ancient part comes with it’s own charme.

Real Serbia food

two rivers coming together

see you guys

March 29, 2019

Madeira – Porto Moniz

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People from the south said “don’t go to the north it’s cold and stormy there …” but as soon as we arrived at the Aqua Natura Hotel it was sunny and the view was stunning. On the way we had a hiking trail (PR13) which will lead you through the fairy forest. Sure let’s do so, after my alpine hike the day before it sounded like an easy task, Just 6 km.

It was great to walk the path (even my hamstrings hurt downward…) and it felt really like Frodo will cross the path on the next corner. Way back wasn’t that easy , the last 3 km we walked on the road and in total it was 12 km. Well, recovery hike … ;)

Hotel in Porto Moniz … 4 star eco hotel. And while stepping into the lobby we saw this

Breathtaking view. The Atlantic ocean in front. And from our balcony…

Wow. Breakfast included so we would need only a place for dinner and found via google Armandos Take away, where we had dinner for 20€ , a full plate of meat

Armandos Take Away - meat platter

Yesterday was for real recovery, no hikes , only reading and relaxing and dinner at the hotel restaurant (we got a 10% voucher)

octopus carpaccio

Today it was time for the last Levada hike, an entry hike the travel guide said. 13 km in total no heights to cross , and two tunnels in the way.

typical Levada landscape waterfall

Perfect for the last hike. So thanks for reading , an d keep showing up

March 26, 2019

Madeira- hiking trail PR 1

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Today I did the PR 1 trail, from Pico Arreiro to Pico Puivo. Just 15 km there and back. No not an easy task if you never did it 1.800 mtr above sea level. It was a challenge for me on several levels, my leg and the heights and the wind and …. Mandy was not able to do so and I understood it. Long story short, i made it. And took some spectacular pictures while trying to stay alive.

My personal fear was this stairway.. left and right 1.000 mtr down and I squeezed the metal ropes and pinned my eyes down on the ground

So stay tuned, thanks for reading and keep showing up.

March 25, 2019

Madeira 2019

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We boarded in MUC and now having a 4 hrs stop over in Lisbon. Thanks to our Priority Pass we could enter the ANA lounge and had a relaxed stay. Now heading towards Madeira , get a rental car and hopefully soon be at the AirBnB house.

Madeira – Ribiera Brava

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We arrived late @Funchal , got a rental car and went straight to the guesthouse The View, which is operated by a german guy. You can find it on AirBnB , if you want to see Madeira you should stay there. It’s brand new and all rooms (8 in total ) have a stunning view.

First day we had a short trekked Levada hike, and dinner at a local restaurant. Good for the start. Today we got a recommendation for a Levada hike and it was really awesome. 8 km in total , there and back on Levada nuovo. First Levada (ask a search engine of your choice about Levada) was on approximately 800 mtr above sea level and Mandy was brave enough to walk on the edge. She fears heights and I assume it was a great therapeutic hike ;)

Downwards for 800 mtr. The way back was on a smaller Levada, and we reached our car after 2:15 hrs.

Went to Funchal , capital of Madeira but too busy and overcrowded. All cruise ships stay there for a day trip and today there were 3 of it. Best thing in Funchal: burn your credit card @decathlon store :) Dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse and it was delicious and served with a great attention to customers. We paid less than the day before :)

Tomorrow we need to get up early. goal is to have a hike on the tablet mountains, 1.800 mtr above sea level. 20 km or may be more , let’s hope there will be no fog …..

Nice things are

panoramic view through glass floor :)

A lot of beautiful flowers , so now we know why Madeira is called the flower island.

November 13, 2018

Chiang Mai

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We arrived in Chiang Mai today and we decided to take a plane this time. Just 10€ more than the train and it’s worth it. Guesthouse is the same as 3 yrs ago and the Parami GH is still good and valuable. Tomorrow- half day elephant care camp. No elephant riding any longer. More political correctness. Like this. Doi Sue Thep is on tue list as well as massage and may be a scooter rent. Remember: scooter tuning is not a crime ( for those who bought Hands stuff sometimes…)

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