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November 1, 2019

Bangkok – 2019

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Being in BKK again. Arrived after a smooth Swiss overnight flight and we made it from the time we touched ground to the Solitaire hotel @Sukhumvit Soi 11 in less than 90 mins. It’s nice to be back, cloudy sky and 25 degrees Celcius.

some you might know where we have been for the first dinner

Coffee Mocha with Marshmallow topping

November 15, 2017

last post Malaysia

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right now sitting at KLIA2 , waiting for boarding and going back to Thailand.

We discussed how to kill the day in BKK , several options like access the pool at the Westin hotel for 500 THB each or hang around at Siam square before we need to be at the bus terminal. Bus departing 9pm. 

November 1, 2017

bye Bangkok – hello Kuala Lumpur

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Got up 7:30 and need to have breakfast in akins if a hurry. Best way to go to DM airport- BTS to Mo Chit and take a taxi to airport. Cost is 200 THB for two. Fair enough and it saves time as well. So while sitting at the airport and waiting for boarding it’s all relaxed and smooth. Looking forward seeing KL again after haven’t been there for a couple of years. 

October 31, 2017

Bangkok by bicycle 

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Wow. It feels a little bit strange to start at Sukhumvit road with a bicycle. But after a couple of hundreds meter we reached a quite nice park . Only 4 guys, and all german. Bicycles in a great condition and we got helmets as well.

​After 40 mins we crossed the Chao Prayo river by boat and reached the green lung of Banglok, a small island right in the middle of the majestic river called Bang Kachao. A very bicycle friendly island with a lot of courses for bikes. 

We spent almost 3 hrs here, watching birds and our steps as well. Some lanes were as small as the handle bar wide. But it was fun to have a ride in the shade of the trees. And we saw a lizard as well, the second largest species in Asia. Only the Comodo dragon is larger, sorry no pics taken. Had  a stop at a fancy nancy (and expensive…) hotel called Bangkok tree house.  Impressive ceiling , made of bamboo.

Back in Bangkok after almost 5 hrs we were hungry and went for a quick meal and a fresh beer. Back at the hotel , we took a shower and jumped into the pool. For dinner we choose Asok , Soi Suda. Nice food and a banana pancake on the street for desert. yummy. So now we need to pack our stuff tomorrow heading towards Kuala Lumpur, see you guys there. And the people here celebrate Halloween and I have been told just because of an ancient goddess won the fight with the pumpkin ;)

October 30, 2017

Bangkok – lazy monday

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Got up 5:30 am but anyway if you went to bed 8pm it’s fine.  Gym opens 6am , breakfast from 6:30. perfect :) after breakfast just pool business, hotel has an onsen ( japanese warm bath for relaxing…) as well. The hotel is more a residence with some hotel rooms, esp for asian guests. But brand new and a little bit hipster like  ;)

Before noon we went to the famous MBK shopping center.  siam square is totally renovated and looks pretty but it’s still busy and overcrowded… so back to our area and we found a really good food court, locals only. tasty duck soup and thai milk tea  ;)

After having a nap we decided to go to Soi 11, roof top bar @nest for Mchito monday. 

Very relaxing and with some spring rolls a perfect stay. One of the recommended places for Pad Thai is Ekamai but it was too far to walk from . had a snack and reminded us to the food court at Thong Lo, Soi 38. Food was great as in our memories and the Leo beer was refreshing cold…. 

Mathias and Anja will remember , miss you here.

That’s it, wrote that down to whom it may concern and will go to bed soon, tmr we booked the bicycle tour and i’m really excited about, will keep you posted….

October 29, 2017

sunday dinner

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and before i’ll fall asleep here is the picture of tonight’s dinner. some may know where we have been ;)

and just to remember BTS Ploen Chit does the trick 

Bangkok 2017

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We arrived 9:30 in BKK, I have slept 5 hrs and felt fresh, immigration was smooth coz of a priority lane ticket and we were at the hotel around noon. Room was almost ready and it’s a small but cozy. close by we had the first lunch and yes, beef noodle soup 

beef noodle soup

and Som Tam Thai (spiiiiiicy)

and the first pad thai gai with a cold chang beer as a side dish ;)

sawadee khrap and aleu mak mak ;)

Tonight roof top bar and cocktails….

November 10, 2015

Bangkok 2015

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We arrived in Bangkok after a quite nice flight at 8 pm. Everything went well and after a quick lunch in Sukhumvit surrounded by ladyboys a long day was over. Hotel is not that bad. It is interesting to see the impressions our friends got from the city. I was wondering if I felt the same years before , may be. Bangkok is as it always was and I’m sure it will be. Noisy, hot, stressful but never unfriendly or unkind. Highlight on the first day was the Octave rooftop bar, Marriot hotel Soi 38. Breathtaking view over Bangkok. A thunderstorm was coming , lightning strikes above our heads and rain was coming as well. To me, the best was to share this with my beloved. 

Wat Po was overcrowded as always but still impressive , unfortunately we had no chance to see the Grand Palace , too many people having the same idea. So we took a local bus back to BTS and went through Chinatown, and we paid 9 THB each. Afternoon business as usual, spent some time at the rooftop pool area. Dinner was agreed with my colleague form Malaysia. They followed our recommendation and we had a 3 hrs dinner with a bunch of very yummy dishes (even fried frog) and some beers. 

Day 3 was for traveling , we reserved train tickets for 7:35 to Chiang Mai. same same but different … it became a farang train, no Thai People except the stuff. Times are changing ….

November 14, 2014

our journey comes to an end

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We had 2 more nights in Bangkok with an enjoyable stay at the Icon hotel @ Sukhumvit Soi2. Roof top pool was an additional benefit. Went 5(!!) hrs today for shopping and picked up my new shirts from the tailor. Afternoon was reserved for a rest and for our last dinner we had chosen a very nice place at the end of Soi2. A lot of fish and seafood for a reasonable price.


Back at the the hotel , packed out stuff (took 15 mins, coz we are experts) and now sitting on the roof top with a last Chang (or two) and we both agreed it was a pleasant journey, great impressions , we met old friends and new nice people. Birma was great and may be I will summarize Birma later on. Thailand welcomed us as usual and “our” island is still worth to visit.


So time to say good bye, Mingalabar and Sawasdee and Choke Di as well. And yes , we are really looking forward coming home tomorrow. Thanks for following this blog, please continue reading.

October 21, 2014

Bangkok – Night market & food

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Went to MBK for the announced night market. Wasn’t that big as expected but a lot of nice and tasty food. Let me summarize.

2 pancakes – 25 Baht
1 bowl with deep fried eggs – 50 Baht
1 noodle soup (beef) – 50 Baht
1 plain rice with garlic pork – 50 Baht
1 Thai style crepe (sweet) – 30 Baht
2 small Thai style sausages – 20 Baht
1 huge bowl of Som Tam – 40 Baht
( Mandy had tears in her eyes but she made it till the end)


In summary 7 (!!) € for an awesome dinner on the streets of BKK. To whom it may concern you should definitely go coz of the great food :)

And now a big Chang and a Tiger beer before we will go for sleep.

Tomorrow nothing else than pool side and the flight to Yangoon at 1:30 pm

stay tuned , will keep you updated

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