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Bangkok – Europe

Spent 2 nights at Doubletree Sukhumvit. I stayed there last year and it was good. Usual business: pedicure, shopping and food. MBK rules. Taxi to BKK airport was 500 THB and 5 am it takes less than 30 mins. Since we knew that we were booked on Finnair I was curious about their new business class. You can find a lot of reviews through the internet. Finnair decided to it use one of the usual seats with reclining functions and lounge positions. No they have a seat that is already a lounge chair. I put myself on the side: what a great thing.

We had a double seat and once the small wall was set away it was like a sofa feeling. Amazing. Enough room to store your belongings. The cabin doesn’t not have overhead compartments in the middle which gives you the feeling of so much space. (ok knew that from the old business class already…) The crew was top notch, the selection of food and beverages as well. IFE is fantastic. Which makes it a 5 star flight experience.

Landed in HEL after 12:03 hours and surprisingly it didn’t feel like that. Short stopover for the transfer to Stockholm. What a difference, coming from a jumbo to a good old ATR turbo propelled aircraft :)

Found our way to the pre-booked airport hotel and …. got trapped here because of the weather conditions in MUC … At the moment we have no idea how to get home. :)

Koh Phayam – Bangkok

Guys time to leave the island. We had a relaxing week, too mich rain 🌧️ but god food , nice sunsets and peaceful views of the beach.

We talked with JJ about MM25 and made a huge progress. If everything worked out… then we will have a great time together with family and friends next year. Remarkable fact: it all french people matching the prejudices. Katherine did not and so we had some good times together. On the way to Ranong there was no rain , we made it in time to the airport and had some lunch… freshly baked bruschetta from Japanese bakery. And the pain in my body is a little better thanks to Pha massage.

Back in Bangkok the impossible happened.. a metered taxi from DMK to Doubletree Hilton Sukhumvit!!! What a luck. It’s Christmas time and at the Emporium they have the most horrible christmas tree ever . The angel, if this shall be one on the top reminds of Chucky . How creepy is that!!!

Bangkok- Impressions

Start the day with an awesome breakfast at Hilton Millennium, riverside.

even it’s hot we enjoyed the view

and it’s very hard to make a decision what to have for breakfast…

always welcome. egg Benedict
the Lantern Cafe
sunset comes in…
wooden horse at Icon Siam

Taxi picks us up at 1pm. Flight is scheduled 4:40 pm, plenty of time. ETA at Singapore Changi is 8:40 pm. Stay at Hilton Garden Inn Seragoon which is in Little India. Looking forward to Singapore. Again without a flu … 🤒

Bangkok with no rush

We did not do anything yesterday, some poolside business and a massage. Plus a short walk through Icon Siam one of the iconic malls in Bangkok. Check this out…

top down view at Icon Siam

2 pm is tea and coffee time at the Executive Lounge. O M G… We have been told that we have to have the food inside and look what they brought…

just for the two of us….

Furthermore we couldn’t escape the pitfall of Thai friendless and service. Discussing with a front desk manager what is the best option to reach Don Muang Airport tomorrow she suggested to order a taxi . We both (she and myself) that I will decide and come back later. 15 minutes later she showed up and announced with a big smile that she ordered a taxi already for us, 1 pm and it’s 700 THB. I mean I’d have paid it anyway but.. what shall I say to her? This is an uncomfortable pitfall.. just out of service and friendliness.

Breakfast at the Hilton Millennium is outstanding. Haven’t seen such a big variety not often. May be I can do a video to share .

outdoor breakfast area

What a nice day….

Stockholm to Bangkok

Going to the airport in time we checked in for Royal Jordanian Airlines. easy as always. First part from ARN to AMM operated by an A 320 with a little old school business class. Crew was friendly and warmhearted. In Amman we took the chance to do lounge hopping. First Petra lounge which was very cozy and looks even opulent. And it was quiet, less visitors. Second was Merhaba lounge , best choice at AMM airport. And finally the Crown lounge by Royal Jordanian. Known since last year, less traffic then last year may be coz of the overall middle east situation. So time flies and we were boarded to BKK.

RJ 787-8 Dreamliner -seat 3 G / H

The crew was a little restrained. Warmhearted and hospitality looks a little different. Anyway we were able to get some sleep and landed in BKK on time. The business class boarding pass gave us access to fast track immigration and at the end it took us 25 minutes from touching ground till the exit with luggage. Not bad. After a hustle with a taxi driver we jumped on air link train to Paya Thai and proceeded with BTS to Saphan Thaksin. Ferry boat to the other site of the river showed up quickly and finally we checked in at the 31st floor at Hilton Millennium Bangkok.

ferry boat to Hilton
welcome ceremony
King executive at 27 th floor
hotel lobby- ceiling
view from executive lounge

Found some noodle soup and Chang beer for dinner always a good choice. Went to bed early and let’s see what tomorrow will bring….

Bangkok – 2019

Being in BKK again. Arrived after a smooth Swiss overnight flight and we made it from the time we touched ground to the Solitaire hotel @Sukhumvit Soi 11 in less than 90 mins. It’s nice to be back, cloudy sky and 25 degrees Celcius.

some you might know where we have been for the first dinner

Coffee Mocha with Marshmallow topping

last post Malaysia

right now sitting at KLIA2 , waiting for boarding and going back to Thailand.

We discussed how to kill the day in BKK , several options like access the pool at the Westin hotel for 500 THB each or hang around at Siam square before we need to be at the bus terminal. Bus departing 9pm. 

bye Bangkok – hello Kuala Lumpur

Got up 7:30 and need to have breakfast in akins if a hurry. Best way to go to DM airport- BTS to Mo Chit and take a taxi to airport. Cost is 200 THB for two. Fair enough and it saves time as well. So while sitting at the airport and waiting for boarding it’s all relaxed and smooth. Looking forward seeing KL again after haven’t been there for a couple of years. 

Bangkok by bicycle 

Wow. It feels a little bit strange to start at Sukhumvit road with a bicycle. But after a couple of hundreds meter we reached a quite nice park . Only 4 guys, and all german. Bicycles in a great condition and we got helmets as well.

​After 40 mins we crossed the Chao Prayo river by boat and reached the green lung of Banglok, a small island right in the middle of the majestic river called Bang Kachao. A very bicycle friendly island with a lot of courses for bikes. 

We spent almost 3 hrs here, watching birds and our steps as well. Some lanes were as small as the handle bar wide. But it was fun to have a ride in the shade of the trees. And we saw a lizard as well, the second largest species in Asia. Only the Comodo dragon is larger, sorry no pics taken. Had  a stop at a fancy nancy (and expensive…) hotel called Bangkok tree house.  Impressive ceiling , made of bamboo.

Back in Bangkok after almost 5 hrs we were hungry and went for a quick meal and a fresh beer. Back at the hotel , we took a shower and jumped into the pool. For dinner we choose Asok , Soi Suda. Nice food and a banana pancake on the street for desert. yummy. So now we need to pack our stuff tomorrow heading towards Kuala Lumpur, see you guys there. And the people here celebrate Halloween and I have been told just because of an ancient goddess won the fight with the pumpkin ;)

Bangkok – lazy monday

Got up 5:30 am but anyway if you went to bed 8pm it’s fine.  Gym opens 6am , breakfast from 6:30. perfect :) after breakfast just pool business, hotel has an onsen ( japanese warm bath for relaxing…) as well. The hotel is more a residence with some hotel rooms, esp for asian guests. But brand new and a little bit hipster like  ;)

Before noon we went to the famous MBK shopping center.  siam square is totally renovated and looks pretty but it’s still busy and overcrowded… so back to our area and we found a really good food court, locals only. tasty duck soup and thai milk tea  ;)

After having a nap we decided to go to Soi 11, roof top bar @nest for Mchito monday. 

Very relaxing and with some spring rolls a perfect stay. One of the recommended places for Pad Thai is Ekamai but it was too far to walk from . had a snack and reminded us to the food court at Thong Lo, Soi 38. Food was great as in our memories and the Leo beer was refreshing cold…. 

Mathias and Anja will remember , miss you here.

That’s it, wrote that down to whom it may concern and will go to bed soon, tmr we booked the bicycle tour and i’m really excited about, will keep you posted….