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Malaysia – how to (not) book a ride….

I tried to use my newly installed Grab app to catch a ride to KL Central. Well, it did not work out.At any time I try to do the face verification I got a server error back. Finally, we used a normal taxi and the fare was incredible. 50 Ringgit instead of 12 Grab. Taxi driver offered us to bring us to Lumut for 550 Ringgit. The next hurdle was to get to get a train ticket. We were 40 minutes prior to departure at the train station, but we will not able to get a ticket. The trick is you need to get a slip and wait for the counter officer, or you try to do itself check in at the kiosk both failed. We were not that happy and since even grab was not working correctly, I tried to chat with the support guys from Grab, but no solution. Mandy installed Grab on her phone and it worked with a charm. She ordered the taxi and the driver offered 330 ringgit to Lumut. Three hours by car, and we arrived at the jetty just in timeYes it was cold due to aircon operating.