Malaysia – Pulau Pangkor – Nipah Guesthouse

A very warm welcome. We stayed here 2019 for last time. And nevertheless, the door was opened by Alicia and it felt like coming home. Even there is no do yourself breakfast any longer it is still the same nice and quiet place as we kept it in our memories. The kids grow up of course. Cottage 2 was prepared for us. No need to show any documents since we are considered to be VIP guests ;) For some moments we were talking about everything and anything. Both glad that this little jewel still exists. for breakfast we had mainly instant coffee, locally typical, three in one and ready to eat oatmeal porridge.. this came along with some crackers and plastic cheese. Not bad for starting a day. we rented a little scooter to move around. Pangkor is as it used to be. Less European tourists as Alicia said. But still enough local tourists to keep the business going. Anuar said that too many Malaysian people travel to Thailand instead of spending their money here. And we told them about our plans for retirement, since Malaysia is still on the list. Both recommend Ipoh to settle down. We’ll see how it goes. Sunset at Nipah beach. Food offers all over the island are ok. Best dinner : Indian food. best lunch: Maggi bowl TomYam flavored. Rain was hitting us every day but more sun than rain makes our stay pretty much good.

Today we’re going to KL by bus. I picked a hotel very close to the airport since our flight to DMK is 06:50 am. 3 hours layover at DMK airport and catch the flight to Ranong at 11:05.

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