Monthly Archives: January 2012

Thoughts of an old man

I forgot to shave my head (or maybe I was too lazy to do it…) and after 5 days I looked into the mirror. An old man was starring against me. Most of the hairs were grey. Unbelievable. At the age of 6 or 7 a grey haired man to me was a grandpa (even I never met my grandfather he died in WW II). Now I´m grey haired and even I don´t feel that old it looks I become an old man. Fridays for relaxing and calm down now. Couple of years ago Friday meant “party on” now I happy with my cosy couch. But I guess that´s the way life goes on. And there´re also good things in your life when you get older, believe me :)

Review 2011

What a year! When it starts we did not knew how it would ends. Well that´s normal I guess. In February and March we travelled thru Thailand with a very good friend of us. We went to many places which we saw at our first trip over 10 years ago and the most of them are impressive as they were. You may seen the pictures in the posts from this year. And we met old buddies which was pretty nice. Around the Easter time I found a small house that was for sale at the internet couple of kilometers away from our flat. Mathias was asking were the drawbacks are but there were no. A friend of us had a look and one of Mathias´ sports mates as well and both of them agreed that the building is ok and in a good condition. Based on that we talked to each other and agreed we´ll buy it. In Germany if you buy a house that means you´ll stay here forever. And we were not sure until those days if we want to leave the country and go for work and living to Asia. Now our path is more clear, we´ll stay here and Asia is a nice place for vacation at least for next years. After we got the money and signed the contract it was a kind of imaginary feeling. Our own house. Small and old but ours. It takes a couple of weeks for reconstruction but a the end of July we moved finally into our place. Mathias says it´s a totally different feeling when he comes home especially from a business trip from outside Germany. Home means home now. We´ld like to say thank you again to all our friends. To everyone who has supported us. We live here now since half a year and we´re still happy with the decision we had made. As you may know Mathias travels a lot on business purpose and I work shift at the hospital which could be a kind of nasty if he comes back on Friday and I have to work on Saturday morning. And  shift working is really not that healthy for a human body and brain. I found a job opportunity offered by a NGO in Germany. This NGO is responsible for the coordination of organ donation in Germany and connected with the European Transplantation Headquarters. I sent my CV to them and got an appointment for a job interview. To make the long story short … within one week I got a new job. Amazing. Life is a challenge and this job is it as well. For us the huge benefit is that there´re no scheduled shifts for me any longer. Even I´m in stand-by I can stay at home which is definitely better then getting up at 5:00 am and start work at the hospital. We have a new dimension of quality of life which we had never had before.

And now we´re looking forward to a new year 2012 and let´s cross fingers that the Mayas prophecy doesn´t come true ……..