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November 10, 2013

Life is life – or how to say thanks ….

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No nothing related to the famous song from the 80ies and even covered by Laibach. My life. As it is right now. Great. Smooth. Not relaxed because of my job. But I definitely like my job. And my life. A big thank to my wife. You cover my back since a long time, even we had not only sunny days. But I don´t want to miss a single day. Through all the years you believed in me. Whatever comes up we´ll take it. A big kiss here and simply say “I love you” And a big thanks and hug for the one who loves me. Even we are so different. But we still understand each other, and sometimes we don´t need a single word. It comes the last years and I hope many years will follow. And thanks life that I don´t need to hide my love. You let me be what I am. And thanks for giving me some friends and buddies. Sometimes I feel old, some days m might be better than others. But at the end I can live my life without regrets, without excuses. Thanks.

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