Monthly Archives: November 2013

Life is life – or how to say thanks ….

No nothing related to the famous song from the 80ies and even covered by Laibach. My life. As it is right now. Great. Smooth. Not relaxed because of my job. But I definitely like my job. And my life. A big thank to my wife. You cover my back since a long time, even we had not only sunny days. But I don´t want to miss a single day. Through all the years you believed in me. Whatever comes up we´ll take it. A big kiss here and simply say “I love you” And a big thanks and hug for the one who loves me. Even we are so different. But we still understand each other, and sometimes we don´t need a single word. It comes the last years and I hope many years will follow. And thanks life that I don´t need to hide my love. You let me be what I am. And thanks for giving me some friends and buddies. Sometimes I feel old, some days m might be better than others. But at the end I can live my life without regrets, without excuses. Thanks.