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Namibia 2021

Here we are … Flight via Addis Abeba. Was ok and entering Namibia was easy. We got a lift from the rental car company. After 2 hrs of briefing we got on the road to the first camp, still in Windhoek. We agreed to spend 2 nights to get familiar with left hand driving and with the awesome pickup truck with a roof top tent.

It was great . we slept well and did some shopping for the journey.

Next stop : Kalahari desert

Endless roads, a green Kalahari , a nice and cozy lodge …. perfect.

Our first safari ride, with Gnu’s, Zebras, Ostriches and Giraffes. wow.

Next stop : Namib desert

An almost empty camp inside the National park, a perfect camp ground and a absolute stunning view.

Yes climb up the Dune 45 , 170 mtr’s and made it within 60 mins.

A great thing if you travel like we did , you can have a breakfast and coffee wherever you are . Even in front of the Unesco world heritage Soussvlei and Dead Vlei.

And we comb the desert!!!

From here to Swakopmund. Endless dusty roads, and we came from 35 degrees Celcius to 18 degrees at the banks of the Atlantic ocean…..

Mandy did the little 5 desert tour ….

On the way to the famous Etosha national park we had a short stop at Cape Cross with its seals.

And again breathtaking scenery…