Monthly Archives: October 2010

Future outlook….

Could be Asia soon. What we dreamed since years. Now it seems that a dream comes true. Hongkong ? Kuala Lumpur ? Well I guess I know what I prefer. And thoughts , lot of thoughts. Shall we ? What will we expect ? What´s coming on ? But at least it´s a great chance. Catch it ! Get it ! And for sure I try to keep my promises….


Wow what an amazing city… arrived yesterday and now the first day is over. Business runs well and few minutes ago I had the time to enter the hotel roof top to take some pictures. Here it´s picture taken from walk of stars side Guys here speak from Chinese people and Hongkong people and I learned that there´re some important differences. Based on historical development of Hongkong and the traditional chineses culture. I´ve never seen before so many skyscrapers and people here are mostly busy. Tomorrow could be a step into a new future I´ll keep you informed as usual….
update 06. OCT City looks best during the night. Unbelivable, so many skycrapers and every night a laser show at 08:00 pm.