Monthly Archives: September 2011


What you are proud of ? I´m proud of my wife. As some of you may know she´s much more for me than just being my wife. And since yesterday she has a new job. She managed it by her own in a perfect way. A job without all the day and night shifts. Normal office hours and one specialist of 70 in Germany. Excellent. Let´s see how it starts at the end of this year and I guess we´ll feel much more comfortable and our quality of life will be much more better. Can you imagine how it feels if you must not say any longer “Oh sorry we can´t join this event/party/birthday because my wife has to get up at 5 am on Sunday….” For me it sounds great. Awesome. My love, I´m so proud. You be on my site since 14 years now. And there´re no boring things at all. I love you much more than you may imagine…..

Emergency room – again

Headache. For more than 3 days. IIRC this isn´t good. I woke up during the night and felt so sad. I advised myself to go to the hospital of Nuremberg, emergency room. They made some diagnostic (blood levels, computer axial tomography) and gave me a combined infusion (pain killer and muscle relaxant). I spent a couple of hours there and went back home. Finally everything looked not that bad so doctor advised to relax and go for a massage (because of the muscles in my back I had the painful headache they said). It was my 2nd time this year at ER more than enough. I must change some things and I´ll start tomorrow.