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3 days hike to Kalaw

As I wrote we went on a 3 day hiking trek to Kalaw. Tour started with a boat trip to a village where the hike started. Our two guides were polite and friendly and even able to talk english. Great. Let’s go. First 2 hours just a nice walk through tribe villages , we saw a woman which was making Cucuma and some other on a potato field.
We climbed up a mountain, 30 degrees Celcius and no shade. The short brakes became longer and longer , meanwhile we had reached 1700 mtrs above sea level. And now it happened. My lower legs muscles have started to burn. It felt like an all time spasm. We reached the top of the mountain and I thought I wasn’t able to move only one foot any longer. For lunch time we had been invited to a house in a Pa-O village (a tribe which lives in the Shan state) and one of our guides prepared a soup and tea for lunch. I gave a rest to my legs and took magnesium which I carried. The next 4 hrs were only pain. I suffered so much that I wasn’t aware of the fascinating landscape we walked through.


We reached finally a village for the stay overnight. I was not able to climb up the stairs and sit for a while just outside and blamed myself for this.
A decision was needed. And finally I decided that it doesn’t make any sense to be on a hike for two more days. Very sad and we paid already 120$ ;(
Later on our guides and hosts prepared a very tasty dinner and we had a nice chat with an Australian couple (in their 60s!!) which were doing the hike the other way around.
I was fallen asleep after more magnesium and pain killers.
When the morning came my legs felt a little bit better but no good enough to walk further. 20 km last day. Our guide arranged a transport to Kalaw and we broke up here. I could walk only slowly but was able to go down stairs without help. The village people went for their daily business and we talked about how it would feel to stay for 3 month or more here where the life goes on as it went the last centuries.

So what’s the summary? Too old, still too much weight, not trained enough ? May be a little bit of all that.
Now we stay for 3 days in Kalaw just to give us a rest and repair the damage.
Btw Mandy did better than me….


Find comfort ….

.. in pain. Valid for martial arts and some other things :)

and yes I´m still alive. Winter is gone hopefully and spring comes soon. Next month vacation in Italy.
Taekwondo training runs fine will go for examination beginning of June, yes 3rd black belt degree.
Next week a Krav Maga class “how to disarm” let´s see what the israel system is able to cover.

pain is gone…

Shame on me. It has been a long while since my last post. Good news first. The pain I had from disc prolapse is gone. Not 100% but I guess 98,5 % :) Can do my exercices again, can sleep and feel no pain any longer while having sex :)
Soccer European Championship is over, Roland garros is over (congrats to Rafa for his triumph) Wimbledon is over (congrats to KIng Roger now he´s immortal and has his chair beside Rod Laver)
We have been to Italy for a couple of days. Nice weather (40 ° !!!) and we had a amazing night in Verona seeing “Aida” in the old arena of Verona. Even I found out for myself that I´m not a big fan of italian operas. Sometimes I like classic music but I´ll stay away from operas. :)
Let´s see what up next and hopefully you´ll stay with me hear. Keep you updated.


Well it has been a long time since my last post here. Reason ? Pain. And in that case it´s not what some of you expect when I talk about pain :) After back from vacation my back hurts and my left shoulder too. Doctor said “just a muscle tension, just take some pills and feel well after a while..” Bullshit. I consulted a specialist and he told “may be a disc prolapse… needs to be verified by x-ray and NMRI” So I did and the medical outcome was clear afterwards. It´s a prolapse. Fingers are furry, Trapezius muscle hurts like hell. WTH ? I do sport and exercises, have enough muscles and my back is strong. But this is only half the truth. I sit most of the time in my car, on-site with customers , in a plane… I thought sport brings the balance but it seems I´ve been mistaken about. So what´s now ? How to proceed ? Usually preferred way is to start with a conservative therapy. Painkiller, physiotherapy , thermal treatment. If it´s not better after 6 weeks I should start thinking about an operation. Well it´s the back of the neck and even I find a trustworthy doctor there´ll be a risk at the end. Right now I hope that it comes to a condition without pain and normal movements. Cross fingers. *sigh*

Emergency room – again

Headache. For more than 3 days. IIRC this isn´t good. I woke up during the night and felt so sad. I advised myself to go to the hospital of Nuremberg, emergency room. They made some diagnostic (blood levels, computer axial tomography) and gave me a combined infusion (pain killer and muscle relaxant). I spent a couple of hours there and went back home. Finally everything looked not that bad so doctor advised to relax and go for a massage (because of the muscles in my back I had the painful headache they said). It was my 2nd time this year at ER more than enough. I must change some things and I´ll start tomorrow.

Debrecen, thoughts

I was in Debrecen, Hungary. Just for work, not for vacation. It was cold and I had a lot of work to do. I did my best, as usual. Than it happend to me. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, around 1 am. I felt pain in my chest. Couldn´t breathe normally. And I learned years ago what could be a symptom for a heart attack. Chest pain like an iron ring is one of them. It fears me really. I was waiting 30 minutes thinking and hoping that it would better. After a while because it doesn´t becomes better I called the hotel desk for a doctor. (This is one of my nightmares to die alone in a hotel room far away. And those thoughts appear in such a situation, for sure.) Staff mentioned I must take a taxi to local hospital. So I did. Meanwhile I had those hurts since around 60 minutes. I found an emergency station but no one of the nurses here was able to speak english. A doctor came in , woman, 30 years. She was asking a couple of questions in a rude way. Typically questions I guess. Then somebody took my blood for analysis, I was connected to an EKG machine (very old fashioned stuff like from 80´s) and after a while I got some pills. Then I was laying in a bed, starring at the ceiling and a lot of thoughts running to my brain. 2 hours later the doctor came and gave my the results of blood analysis. Some measured values where to high, especially for muscles (you remember your heart is a muscle…) and inflammation. And there were atypically lines at the EKG. So what to do ? I felt a little bit better after taking the pills and I begged for the results to take it with me for my doctor at home. It was 8 am at this time. No sleep no hunger just hearing inside my body. I went back to the hotel by taxi and cancelled the appointment for that day. And flight back was scheduled for Thursday as well so I went to bed and ordered a taxi to airport. Back home. I informed my wife via mobile and she was shocked. I landed and she picked me up from airport. We were talking about my last 24 hours. next day I visited my doctor. The document I got in Debrecen was worthless. Nobody speaks medical hungarian here. And they have other scale units than in Germany for blood measurement. So my blood was taken again and again an EKG. Blood pressure was to high and lines at EKG look better than the first in Hungary but show an atypically behavior of my heart. And I got an x-ray of my chest. It is not too bad, heart is a little bit bigger than it should be but inside tolerance. Lungs are good even I smoke. My doctor was talking to me. She said, may be it was not really a heart attack but it could be. Too late to find it out now. Other tests were needed but 24 hours ago. But she mentioned that for the future I better take care of myself. It seems that it was the first “warning shot” . So now I feel not really well but better. Physically. But in my mind I have a lot of questions to myself and I have to find a strategy however it looks to avoid such things a second time. I´m 43 years old now and the chance to live the same amount if years again is less than the chance to die before. Just thoughts. Conclusion. Reduce stress. Better food. Bring blood pressure down. Bring blood cholesterol down. And if it´s possible quit smoking (or reduce it at least). More meditation. Slow down life.