Monthly Archives: October 2011

Burma – a new dawning ?

We have been there couple of years ago. A fascinating country, deeply religious and beautiful landscapes. The land of the thousand pagodas. My wife would like to go to Burma again but I said I´ll go if Burma is a free and independent country. “than not in this life..” she said. But now… Agencies say that same changes going on in the forgotten land. They freed “the lady” a couple of month ago as a sign to the international politics. And now the prime minister released over 6,000 prisoners from jail even those who were jailed for political reasons. CNN report The chinese government wasn´t really happy about I believe because Chinese own half of Burma (for sure they need resources like gas and oil..) And the next affront is a journey of the prime minister to India. Official reason is to visit the place where Lord Buddha was enlightened. But as we all know India is the biggest competitor of China in Asia. So let´s see what will happen and may be we´ll can go to a free country.

Another genius passed away…

As slashdot says today Dennis Ritchie died after long illness. He was the creator of C programming language and Unix operating system. For all of us who run non-Windows operating systems shall take a bow and say thanks. Without him no Unix, Linux, *bsd, Android or MacOS as we know it today. Rest in peace.

Steve Jobs is dead

Tonight Apple announced that its co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs died at the age of 56. He was one of the most brilliant IT people. A genius and a brilliant visionary. And even he was a more controversial man his ideas were milestones. Thanks to his Steveness, the iGod for all the gadgets her brought to us and I´ll take a bow. Nothing left to say.

Maschinenfest 2k11

As well as the last year Maschinenfest takes place in Oberhausen, Ruhr area, Germany. One of the biggest events for industrial/noise music. We arrived yesterday and it´s perfect. Very smooth, friendly people and a lot of good music. Line up for this year can be found here Line up MF 2k11 And even it´s early in the morning (if you went to sleep an 5 am) I´m looking forward for tonight. Special thanks to my buddies it´s a fun to be here with you. And a big hug to my wife she stays at home but I miss you my darling….
Update: MF was great. Best acts (from my point of view) were N.Ä.O (sorry guys no website found) and spherical disrupted (thx to Mirko) Spherical Disrupted We had a lot of fun and hopefully we´ll see us again for MF 2k12.