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MF 2k15

MF is nearly over. 3 days of ambient, rhythm’noise and industrial. We had a pretty good time, even Friday night was hard coz if a long day. Highlights so far Talvekoidik and Wieloryb for industrial. Drumcorps was nice and Rummelsnuff did an awesome performance 

For today Asche/Morgenstern and Geistform to expect 

Will return next year for sure. Same hotel , always a good choice to stay there. We spent the time in the Spa area and went out for dinner to a Polish restaurant (very good I had bigos which is one of the polish national dishes) and today for Greek food, cheap and excellent. Since years a remarkable event and this year even more because it’s our 5th anniversary. My dear, I still love you , thanks so much for this time and for all experiences and for the love you share. And hopefully much more to come.

Maschinenfest 2k13 – Oktober, Oberhausen

Great event is over. Especially if you spent the time there whit the people you love. Like I did. We had lots of industrial music, some interesting new (and old) projects like my old buddy Carsten with his alarmen project . We had relaxing hours in the SPA area and found a nice greek restaurant (reasonable prices and great food)
Hope to see some guys there next year as well….

Maschinenfest 2k12

MF is over (ok, since 2 weeks…..) but it was great as expected. Most important Mandy was with us and she loved it which is really great. Crowd was cool well and music/noise/people – excellent. Met guys I just only see once a year and said “hello” to a lot of them.
Unfortunately a cold catches me und my beloved wife so we´re sick now since 2 weeks. That´s crap. But we´ll join MF next year again for sure. Some words to the organisers. Great job done. Everything smooth and relaxed. Some things we missed. No chill-out (and I mean really chill-out with no music) area detected and some chairs would be great to have here. Well the crowd becomes older and older and yes it´s true elderly people like to sit and drink beer and enjoy the show…..
So see you all next year at the Turbinenhalle@Oberhausen for MF 2k13. Stay tuned. Meanwhile you may like to have a look hear , a famous podcast I´ld like to share Industrial Strength Nightmares by Edwin Somnambulist

Maschinenfest 2k12 is coming !!!

To whom it may concern, website is online for Maschinenfest 2012. If you have never heard about than you better join :) Worlds largest independent/underground festival for electronic music. Website can be found here Maschinenfest2k12 While waiting I found this documentation about 2k11 festival on YT and I´ld to share it with you Documentation MF 2k11
See you guys there in October 2012. Don´t forget to reserve your hotel rooms :)

Maschinenfest 2k11

As well as the last year Maschinenfest takes place in Oberhausen, Ruhr area, Germany. One of the biggest events for industrial/noise music. We arrived yesterday and it´s perfect. Very smooth, friendly people and a lot of good music. Line up for this year can be found here Line up MF 2k11 And even it´s early in the morning (if you went to sleep an 5 am) I´m looking forward for tonight. Special thanks to my buddies it´s a fun to be here with you. And a big hug to my wife she stays at home but I miss you my darling….
Update: MF was great. Best acts (from my point of view) were N.Ä.O (sorry guys no website found) and spherical disrupted (thx to Mirko) Spherical Disrupted We had a lot of fun and hopefully we´ll see us again for MF 2k12.

Maschinenfest 2k10

Yesterday was our first night at Maschinenfest 2k10. Great. Met old buddies and I was surprised how good the connection still ist. Industrial projects were pretty cool, best yesterday for me was Config.Sys (as soon as the lady stopped singing…) but the others were good too. I missed Mandelbrot which is a project of one of my buddies as well as 13thMonkey which is a side project of Thedi from K.I.E.W .. sorry guys. We had beer and music and some fantastic chats, let me say thx to my pretty awesome companion Anja. *hug* So let´s see what tonight is going on , looking forward to see and hear Winterkälte and many other more projects. Anja mentioned right now for her best was Bipol….
Update 2nd Day. More noise and industrial, for sure. Also very smooth sounds from ABs6 and Subheim. Ah-Cama-Sotz were good as I remembered old gigs. Winterkälte gives you the smash right into your brain. Excellent performances. It´s a pitty that we miss today, coz of a heavy workload from tomorrow but at least next year Maschinenfest is pre-booked for me…. Hope to see all guys again. Special thx to Babsi and Chris and Sina and Usch (old buddies from d.s.s.g) ….

Music – news and updates

Last night we went to ASP concert. Nothing to do with programming language :) Pure goth music. And it was really great. That guy is unbelievable, his voice is like a gothic thunder. It comes over you. Official tourdates for 2010 could be found on the website ASP gothic And last week I´ve been to Berlin and had a nice evening with my colleague entering a punk concert at famous SO36 SO 36 Kreuzberg (“Einstürzende Neubauten” played there as well at middle 70´es…) with “Spermbirds” and “Youth of Today” old school punk bands both. Nice gig.
Upcoming is the german industrial and noise festival in November. I look forward being there. 3 days noise, industrial and electronic power. Official website is here MF2010
That´s for now keep you informed…….