MF 2k15

MF is nearly over. 3 days of ambient, rhythm’noise and industrial. We had a pretty good time, even Friday night was hard coz if a long day. Highlights so far Talvekoidik and Wieloryb for industrial. Drumcorps was nice and Rummelsnuff did an awesome performance 

For today Asche/Morgenstern and Geistform to expect 

Will return next year for sure. Same hotel , always a good choice to stay there. We spent the time in the Spa area and went out for dinner to a Polish restaurant (very good I had bigos which is one of the polish national dishes) and today for Greek food, cheap and excellent. Since years a remarkable event and this year even more because it’s our 5th anniversary. My dear, I still love you , thanks so much for this time and for all experiences and for the love you share. And hopefully much more to come.

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