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Dubai 2021 October

We changed the dates and skipped the trip the Barcelona. My right achilles‘ tendon is not 100% back after the surgery. So a pure city trip might be not a good idea. Instead of Spain … we landed in Dubai after 6 hrs of flight. For the stay we picked Hilton group hotels. Conrad Dubai , reservation made via an impresario website and the Hilton Al Habtoor City. Both 5 star rated and yes. they are worth to be labeled with 5 stars. Arrival was early morning and we were at the hotel at 8 am local time. But as a Hilton Honor Diamond member we got a room immediately and of course an upgrade to an executive room as well.

Lobby at Conrad
Lobby at Conrad
Executive Lounge
Conrad room
Bathtub with a view
Housekeeping prepared bed for the night

The service is absolutely stunning, the room is spacious with a huge window.

View from 44th floor

The pool area is large and we spent some relaxed hours there.

Pool at Conrad
Pool at Conrad

Dubai is a city for a week if you mix it with shopping and rest. So the plan was to do not that much. Burj Kalifa and Dubai mall as well as some food experience was put on the list.

tallest man made building

Expensive to go up but hey, it’s vacation time. Level 125 was our aim.

Dubai nights from above

Dubai Mall is the largest in the world. measured by shops and visitors. unbelievable large…..

After 4 nights we moved to Hilton Al Habtoor City. It’s in the same area as the LXR and the Curio V hotel. Same here, friendly staff and an upgrade to an executive room. The view during night from our room is better than TV . We enjoying it with a lots of Gin Tonic :)

Room view from above
Bathtub with a view at Hilton Al Habtoor
Windows till floor level give you a great feeling
Cocktail is always welcome

Snow falls….

… at the end of October. Too early. Looks like christmas is in front of the door. *sigh* But the good news is … 2 weeks to go until vacation ! This we´ll travel through Vietnam. Thinking about since more than 10 yrs we decided to go there this year. Travelling from Hanoi to the Saigon with stopps along the coast. Friends of us have been there last year and told us a lot about beauty of nature, easy going and excellent food. So looking forward going there…. and for sure keep you updated about the journey and you´ll find our route and pictures here…….


Guys believe it or not but finally we´re on vacation. I felt tired during last weeks. Overloaded from a heavy workload. No time for rest and recreation. Never felt before that a timeout is so needful. Now we´re in Egypt again. Same hotel like 2 yrs ago and to be serious it´s great. Hotel is booked only with 50 % of the main capacity and the crowd become more international it seems to me. Not only russian people even from Switzerland, France (*sic*) and I saw a chinese couple as well. And because it´s our second time here (and they remember the nightmare we had two yrs ago…) we´re treated as V.I.Ps which is not that bad :) Weather is nice 24 °C and sun all day but a little bit windy. Anyway. The usual holiday business was started. Means sleep, eat and sports. Tennis in the morning (if it´s not too windy, gym at afternoon) I slept 11 hrs the first night. Without awaken during the night. Haven´t this since month.
And yesterday was my birthday. Now I´m 45 yrs and what does it mean ? Let´s see. My wife says I´m young enough but I guess she said it only for fishing compliments *g* I received a lot of mails and PNs and text messages from my friends and buddies so thank you very much and we´ll have for sure a nice party at our place @home when we´re back and german weather is good enough for BBQ and having some beers.


After 13 hours flight we are back home. Airline was good the flight times are very comfortable we had just two hours stop over in Muscat which is enough for shopping, coffee and a smoke. Back here we were shivering but spring will come soon. Went to bed early and slept very well in my own bed. Vacation was really amazing (or shall I say awesome :) …) and because of Sunday we have a whole day to relax, meet our friends and start into the daily business tomorrow. Next trip ? Who knows. After the good times with the canadian buddies a short visit in the land of the maple leaf would be very welcome. Let’s see if we can arrange this. Keep you informed as I always do.

first stopover – Muscat

here we are. flight was smooth and the ladies were sleeping all the time. We arrived im Muscat on time and have 2 hours before we’ll take the plan to our final destination. And. I guess Sabine feels good as we do and it seems that this is going to be a very smooth and relaxed vacation. Next stop – Bangkok.
One funny thing to tell. Mandy was unable to do the webcheckin for Sabines flight. What happend ? Anothere guy with same lastname booked a flight with that airline but to Katmandu (which is a very interestingplace as well I guess…) and so the desk staff at the Munich airport told Sabine she is already checked in but not to Bangkok …to Katmandu. She was shocked and it takes 10 minutes to clarify that issue. Finally she gets her tickets to BKK. In Muscat same but we knew that in advance so we were able to explain it. Here the ladies at Muscat International Airport. Airport Muscat

Thailand – one week 2 go

Saturday morning. Snow and pretty cold here in Germany. I feel much better since all examinations done, except a high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Have to work on that, healthy food and exercises required from now on. And reduce tress. And the first share will be our upcoming vacation. Next saturday we´ll be in Thailand. I´m exciting and happy to go again. We have a rough idea where to go. Start in Bangkok, do tourist stuff (remember one our our buddies comes with us…) and I´ve to go for a new tailor since the last tailor does not longer exists. Then we´ll visit the Kao Yai National park. We were there years ago but it was great and will do a tour again with guys from Kao Yai Greenleaf Tour And I hope all the guys are still there I remember Mr Bird a real expert Green Leaf team. After that spend a day in Ayuttaha , one of the former capital of the Thai Kingdom because we´ve never been there in the past. Night train to Chiang Mai and travel afterwards down to the Andaman coast to reach finally Koh Payam. Sounds easy and relaxed. I mentioned yesterday I look forward getting my first thai noodlesoup and having my first beer Chang. I´ll keep you informed here in this blog, keep on reading.
And I guess I´ll travel with the original iPad, bought a camera connector (to get images from memory cards) to share pictures with you. And I can imagine you´re really dying for this :)

20 – eleven

Let´s see what it brings, the new year. As mentioned before we have some plans for our future. Depends on some external factors if it works or not. And we booked our vacation for this year. My wife said “no experiments” and so we will fly to Bangkok :) May be we´ll take on of our buddies with us would be nice. Our plan is to travel the way we did years ago when we were the first time in Thailand. And for sure we´ll spend a couple of days at Koh Payam which is one of the islands I can lay down my head and will be relaxed within few hours. Looking forward to see old friends again. And have great days as we had in the past. You may check out our favourite place to stay Bamboo Bungalows But until this I´ve a s**tload of work to do. As usual.

Hurghada, Egypt – chaos as never expected

What a horrible day! We arrived in time, got luggage and went to bus station. Small van, only 4 people going to that hotel, at least the to girls went to another one. We´re happy. But than… hotel staff told the travel agent, they´re fully booked. Ok to remain you, journey booked 6 weeks ago and already paid. What´s going on here ? Ok, they offered us 2 options. Another 5 star hotel or the hole week on a boot which is anchored at the lagoon. Damned shit , what the hell they´re talking about ? So we went to the other hotel. To make the long story short, it was a crappy shitty dirty place. Just under construction, dirty uncleaned rooms. People were laying at the lobby coz they don´t want to check in. That time we met a friendly and almost honorable austrian couple and at this point we did not know that is the beginning of a ride nowhere. A travel agent told us he´s not longer responsible for us and turned back. I called a local travel agency number but no one was able to provide a solution. So we went back to the original hotel and placed ourself into the lobby. We got several offers what to do but no suggestions which we would really wanna take. We discussed, called, Mandy was crying, I was in an angry mood, Frank and Marlene were frustrated as well, nobody knows what to do and how to act and react. We talked to officials and non-officials. At least we impend to give the story to the press, inform broadcast stations and bloggers. It wasn´t possible to talk to the hotel manager himself but we guess that something must wrong between travel agency and hotel from the past. We found many explanations but at least we didn´t know. After 10 hours travel agency send someone who was able to make a decision. So they offered us to stay 2 days on the boat and the (with a granted 100 % guarantee) move to a room and providing some additional services to us like free massage, late check-out for free and so on. We accepted and after a really hard 36 hours ride we made it. It was a horrible trip and we felt tired as never felt before. Or no often before. For me like doing business and negotiating with customers even I was a customer at this time. And it´s so tricky to deal with arab people, as you might know. So but now let´s start for our vacation.

Vacation – going to Egypt

To keep you guys updated… tomorrow starts our vacation. First time that we´ll be together for a whole week since Sri Lanka, which was in Feb/March this year. Really looking forward to spent this week in Egypt. Actually we decided last year after being there that we wouldn´t go again to egypt. But if you´re looking for a place in a short distance by plane with sun, more than 25°C and comfortable staying Egypt is preferred. So I´ll send some pictures even you´ll hate me for :) have a nice time….