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Vacation Italy March 2013

Yeah one week vacation. We decided to spend this week in Italy, Lake Garda. When we booked the vacation we expected warm and sunny weather because end of March there should be more warmer than in Germany. But the sooner the travel date comes the more worse the forecast even for north of Italy. And now we´re siting here with light rain and 7 degrees. But it´s still warmer than at home. The mountains around Lake Garde up with heads in the clouds and no sun can be seen. What a pity. But at the end, hotel is nice and the food is good (definitely better than last year in Padua…) , we have an indoor pool and a small gym. We can hang around and during a rain break we´ll go out for shopping. We´ll make the best of what we have. You may check the hotel out by yourself here Hotel Ilma, Limone
I expect one relaxed week and for me it´s a test. Release from work and trust my team mates, I guess they will survive even without having me on their side. cross fingers.