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Well, as mentioned, Anuhradhapura was the first capital of Ceylon in fromer centuries. So in that case a lot of religious buildings located here. You have to pay 20 $ each person for a visitors ticket. But while we’re travelling on budget we were sruggeling to find another way. The driver we hired said we should pay him less than that so he will bring us through all checkpoints. And he did by talking to some guys….. I hope the Central Culture Fund will survive. And it’s the location of _the_ bodhi tree. A part from the original ones in India where Buddhas was enlightend. At the Schwedagon pagoda in Rangoon, Burma we saw the same. But not so much mambo-jumbo as here in Sri Lanka. Since the tamil tigers tried to destroy the tree by a bombing attack in 1985 you must pass 2 security checks. The tree itself is not very spectecular but for sure, it is a religious and philosophical issue. In former times up to 5.000 monks stayed here in this area for education, meditation and bring Buddhas doctrine to all people. At least we watched the places by driving in an old Toyota van. Exclusive sight seeing.
After the half day course we took the bus to Kandy because in my mind sounds better than the train.

Negombo – Anuhradhapura

Sorry guys for delay but no internet conncetion availabe during last days.
Last night we went out for dinner, restaurant is recommended by our travelbook. And it was great. Fishermans platter for 2 persons, salad and for sure our new favourite drink “Lion Lager” beer. A lot of food and we paid 20 bucks but it was more than ok, service was excellent and the dishes taste great. Next morning early check-out before 7 a.m. We got a breakfast box each of us, cheese-sandwich, hard-boiled eggs and fruits. And as you may know, life is a challenge we took the morning train from Negombo to Colombo…. yeah. Rush hour, from Negombo go to work in Colombo by… make an educated guess… right, by train. We stood among the people, no space to fall. One hour skin-to-skin contact…. I couldn’t get my camera to take a picture because I was unable to move my arms. After that the central railway station Colombo. You still have in mind that this is the capital…. We went out for smoking but a friendly guy told us smoking is not allowed we have to go inside to the (so-called) cafeteria where upstairs smoking is allowed. But we can breathe there so we returned outside. Than we asked the counter officer for tickets to Anuhradhapura, price was 290 Rupies each and the next train leaves 40 mins ahead. Ok. Only 2nd class tickets available and as we entered the train… it was like going back in ages….. 3rd class in Thailand looks better. So we opend the window, occupied 4 seats for us and our lagguage and were looking forward to a 6 hours ride. But after a while it seems we missed the express train. The train we were in was a slow train with a stopover at each small station….. and there’re a lot of between Colombo and Anuhradhapura. Finally the ride takes 8.5 hours. Plus 1 hour from Negombo to Colombo. A trip worse than hell. A driver dropped us off at the Shanili Hotel ( I gave them a call in advance for a room) but 3.500 rupies for a small room was too much. So we went on the drivers advise (sure he got a commission..) to another guest house. Room was small too but only 2.000 rupies. Excluding breakfast. The highlight was a woman from Ottawa we met. She works as a urban planner and is travelling since last October by herself to Asia and Southeastasia. Great. We had dinner together and a nice chat. I’ll keep you informed how the story continous……