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April 11, 2010

Bentota – Ayubowan

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Ayubowan means in singahlese language “welcome and have a long and prosper life”. And that’s for sure. We stayed at the Ayubowan guesthouse in Bentota which is under swiss management by Walter. You may give him a reservation in advance coz during the high season it’s mostly bokkep up. Check it out here. Ayubowan Guesthouse He’s a very gentle and polite guy. We got a lot of official informations about Sri Lanka as well as some “unofficial”. We heared stories about the “famous” beach boys and people who got trapped by them. Unbelivable but next day we saw such a couple. She was fallen in love to a singahlese beach boy. And married him, even she is 70 years old and he only 23. Big love, yeah. The Ayubowan is a friendly place where you can find peace and silence. The food is great and Walter has such a friendly staff as we had never seen somewhere else here. And even it was just a 2 day stay we enjoyed it very much. Because of some heavy rainshowers we missed a turtle hatchery but I guess it’s ok. And now it comes to the end…..

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