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Oahu – day 5

Recovery was the plan for today. And so we did. Slept for almost 12 hrs and had a relaxed and healthy breakfast. Afterwards we drove to Wailua for coin laundry. Took us one hour and while waiting we found out that the small shop next door serves very tasty poke bowl variations. Next stop a beach which is used by locals only. It was so amazing…. it was just the two of us, the sun and the Pacific ocean.

no name beach

Back at our stay lunch was served- poke bowls!!!

tasty and more than enough

Now : engaging the air conditioning and get a rest. Done and coffee. We bought local coffee which is good if prepared in the caffetierra. Idea for more rest : visit a botanical garden. We found one at Wahiawa and enjoyed the well maintained garden and the fresh air.

botanical garden at Wahiawa

The garden gate was closed at 4pm and we made it to Kahuku for shopping just in time. Mandy bought a nice painting from a local artist with her sign. We promised her to send an email once the pic is on our wall. And for dinner we stopped by for Huli chicken from Mike. A local dish, at the end it’s chicken with rice… 😊 On our way back the sunset at Waimea beach was awesome as well as the waves which crashed down on the shore.

sunset at Waimea beach

Enough for today, tomorrow will be our last full day for Oahu. I can second what Mandy was saying “I really like Oahu…”

Placencia – lazy beach day

A little bit of overcast today. anyway we spent a couple of hours at the beach. It’s a huge bay and because of off season it’s almost empty :)

Mandy gets a little tipsy from the original rum punch at Barefoot Bar ;) was a real strong cocktail. And we bought local food (as most of the time) and had our dinner on the balkons. Rice and beans and chicken. 

Weather forecast is not that sunny for tomorrow so we’ll do a hiking trail at the Cockscomb Jaguar sanctuary. May be we’ll see one of them or may be, better not.

Hoi An – lazy days

Spent whole day at the beach. Got sun-burned. Had fantastic food again at Old Garden. Fish wrapped in banana leafs. Cao lau as well. Yammi. Tonight our last long bus ride starts at 6 pm to Nah Trang. Until that time — beach again.

Unawatuna – Hikkaduwa

So for today we arrived in Hikkaduwa. First we had a look at Dodanduwa but the guest houses there were not well maintained. Rooms are dark and small, and the Eco village guesthouse is more “eco” than we need. Even Hikkaduwa is well-known for drugs and parties we decided to stay here at Apollo hotel. Nice and clean and very cheap. The owner told us, now the high season is over that’s why we pay only 10 bucks per night. After a short stay at the beach (rocky but nice..) went out for roti and discovered that we’re in a really tourist area. We payed a double price for roti than in Galle. But if you’re hungry you better go for. Let’s see how long we’ll stay here. Next hop should be Bentota which is famous for seeturtle hatcheries.

Galle – dutch fort at south coast

Galle, huge fortress built by dutch conquerors and taken over by british troops in 1756. Great walls to protect Sri Lanka from the south from indian and other pirats. One of the first places where bargain starts, may be over 2.000 years ago. But now it’s a spot for tourists and young guys show cliff jumping for one US $. Crazy. Actually we wanna have breakfast at Pedlars Inn as recommended by travel guide book but it was still closed. So we went to new city, did our business (exchange TC, bought some stuff at local supermarket and some food and fruits) and took the local bus back to Unawatuna. Traveller mathematics goes like this. Tuk-tuk is 300 rupies one way. Bus is 50 rupies both directions. We saved 550 rupies and can go for another chillin cup of coffee :)
Here a outlook from the walls
And one more pic for my german buddies…

Mirissa – Unawatuna

We took a local bus from Mirissa to Unawatuna. Very cheap, 60 rupies for both of us and a 45 minutes ride. Had a look around by tuk-tuk and decided for Upul guesthost. Nice guys and clean rooms. Without a/c 2.500 rupies for a room with fan, balcony and a beautiful view. Ok. Unawatuna beach is nice but I’ld not count it for a rank under the top ten beaches like they say here. Protected by a coral reef the sea is mostly clear and like a natural pool. Easy swimming. But no shade there from trees or coconut palm trees. That’s a little bit worse. So we don’t know where to lay down ….. anyway. Food is great and no too expensive. And we can sit close to the beach for our meals. Traveller work is done. Postcards for friends and family means to all the don’t have access to read this blog :) We found a nice resort for the next stay, let’s see if we can get a room.

Mirissa beach

So we’re having a relax stay at Mirissa beach hotel. It’s not so bad even it’s not a backpacker guesthouse. Lot of french guys here but better than russians….Met 2 german girls after their Panchenkarma Ayuerveda treatment. Warm oil in every hole of the body. No thanks, not for me. Beach is nice. Since a long time that we’ve a beach with coconut palms. And high waves, up to 3 meters. I was in and a couldn’t imagine before how many power is behind such a wave. Incredible. Now I’m in downtown……