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Madeira – Porto Moniz

People from the south said “don’t go to the north it’s cold and stormy there …” but as soon as we arrived at the Aqua Natura Hotel it was sunny and the view was stunning. On the way we had a hiking trail (PR13) which will lead you through the fairy forest. Sure let’s do so, after my alpine hike the day before it sounded like an easy task, Just 6 km.

It was great to walk the path (even my hamstrings hurt downward…) and it felt really like Frodo will cross the path on the next corner. Way back wasn’t that easy , the last 3 km we walked on the road and in total it was 12 km. Well, recovery hike … ;)

Hotel in Porto Moniz … 4 star eco hotel. And while stepping into the lobby we saw this

Breathtaking view. The Atlantic ocean in front. And from our balcony…

Wow. Breakfast included so we would need only a place for dinner and found via google Armandos Take away, where we had dinner for 20€ , a full plate of meat

Armandos Take Away - meat platter

Yesterday was for real recovery, no hikes , only reading and relaxing and dinner at the hotel restaurant (we got a 10% voucher)

octopus carpaccio

Today it was time for the last Levada hike, an entry hike the travel guide said. 13 km in total no heights to cross , and two tunnels in the way.

typical Levada landscape waterfall

Perfect for the last hike. So thanks for reading , an d keep showing up

Madeira – Ribiera Brava

We arrived late @Funchal , got a rental car and went straight to the guesthouse The View, which is operated by a german guy. You can find it on AirBnB , if you want to see Madeira you should stay there. It’s brand new and all rooms (8 in total ) have a stunning view.

First day we had a short trekked Levada hike, and dinner at a local restaurant. Good for the start. Today we got a recommendation for a Levada hike and it was really awesome. 8 km in total , there and back on Levada nuovo. First Levada (ask a search engine of your choice about Levada) was on approximately 800 mtr above sea level and Mandy was brave enough to walk on the edge. She fears heights and I assume it was a great therapeutic hike ;)

Downwards for 800 mtr. The way back was on a smaller Levada, and we reached our car after 2:15 hrs.

Went to Funchal , capital of Madeira but too busy and overcrowded. All cruise ships stay there for a day trip and today there were 3 of it. Best thing in Funchal: burn your credit card @decathlon store :) Dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse and it was delicious and served with a great attention to customers. We paid less than the day before :)

Tomorrow we need to get up early. goal is to have a hike on the tablet mountains, 1.800 mtr above sea level. 20 km or may be more , let’s hope there will be no fog …..

Nice things are

panoramic view through glass floor :)

A lot of beautiful flowers , so now we know why Madeira is called the flower island.