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Nuwara Eliya and Ella

Arrived by private car after a nice ride. So maybe it’s a good opportunity in Sri Lanka to buy a package. Sure, not the real backpackers behaviour. Nuwara Eliya is really in the tradition of the Empire. Lot of hotels in style of an old colonial building. Espacially the Grand Hotel, very british with a nice garden including british green in front. And .. a dresscode which allows only fine dresses like dinner jacket and tie. But on the other hand there’s nothing more to see than a park (for sure, Victoria Park *g*) and a cricket field and finally a area for horseraces. Don’t know excatly how to name such area. The hotels mostly have names like “Glengower” and “Ascot”. We went out for dinner, just found it at an indian cuisine food stall. Not too bad but as soon as I’ve problems with my stomache I better go for buiscuit and white bread. Most disadvantage at our room was missing moskito net so we were hunting half night those fucking blood suckers. Damned shit. Breakfast was ok, better than in Kandy and we start our journey to Ella, which is also in the highlands but only 1.000 meters above sea level. Kandy is approximately 2.200 meters high. It was a bumpy road but our driver managed it. On the way stopped on a temple with an over 2.000 years old Buddah image. Than arrived to Ella, a very small but beautiful village between mountains. Room is very nice and is attached with a moskito net. No fan is needed coz it’s a mild highland climate. We’ll try later to climb small Adams Peak when there’re now rainshowers today. After one hour of rest heavely rainshowers. Ok no small Adams peak today.

And here for some of my german friends….