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future outlook and look back as well…

Well I didn´t update my blog for a while. Busy. And lazy. But some things happened during last month/weeks. During the easter weekend we found an offer for a small house near our place where we live. And it was a good offer we thought and contacted the estate agent who sells the house. We agreed an appointment to inspect it and we decided it´s good and fits our needs. Not too much sqm and a small garden. We were talking to each other and finally we said “we´ll take it” So the rally starts. Talking to friends and people we know if they´re able and willing to help us. And for sure we were asking our bank for an advance. While we live here in Germany we had to bring a lot of documents…. but eventually we signed the contract and now we own a home where we can do what we want because it´s our place. No longer discussions with the landlord if we can do this or that or taking a shower later than 10 pm. Right now I can´t believe it but as I often do during the writing of this few lines I recognize more and more that it´s true. Present.
Looking back in time, may be 20 years. I was young and it happened to me more than one time the atm took my card. I lived for a couple of month in a squat place in Berlin before the unification of Germany. My parents wasn´t proud of me (I guess…) and I lived my life as most young guys do. I was never thinking of having an own place. Really. Own place was an establishment issue. And now ? Being the boy my parents would ever had. Serious jobs, earn enough money to buy a home and drive a nice car. Wearing a fashionable suit every day….
Well did I betray my ideals ? Or is it normal that a viewpoint is changing during the years ? Whatever the reason I guess I´m glad that me and my lovely wife have the possibility to go the way we walk…….