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Vacation.closed to the end :)

Friday. Means that our vacation comes to an end. It was a wonderful week. We got our batteries recharged by sound and tasty food. Actually I stopped thinking about work after 2 or 3 days. It comes up again when I had a chat with the General Manager of the hotel. He remembers us (the story of the boat people in November 2010…) and while we were doing exercises at the gym he asked me what is my business at home. I told him what I work for and he said that he would like to have such a solution as well. So let´s see what will happen.
The hotel is quite nice and the staff is trained very well. Sometimes in Egypt I had the feeling that waiters or roommates expect a tip for everything otherwise they would not serve you. Not here. Everything is in a good condition and even the food in one of the main restaurants tastes better than 2 yrs ago. Another benefit here is that´s not directly in Hurghada (it´s busy and overcrowded there) 30 km outside means “having a relaxed stay without drunken guests and party all-night-long” The name of the hotel is Citadel Azur at Sahl Hascheesh. You may check it out here Citadel Azur
But it´s a pity that not so many people travel to Egypt as before the revolution. We had a talk with a lady from guest relation and she told us that most of the hotels are not fully booked and some hotels are closed. People fear that bullets in the air here as well or that riot is written on the walls but it isn´t. And a big part of the national income is based on tourism. So it´s all about mathematics. Less tourists means less income means higher chance for new riots. Or am I wrong ?
While I am writing the sun goes down and I´ve a nice view to the illuminated hotel. Wind blows gently and we´ll go for dinner in a few minutes….. so stay tuned and see when back in Germany….
One more funny story. We had dinner yesterday at the Brazil restaurant “El Gaucho” (which is not a name for Brazil as you may know…) but anyway. Food was yummy but behind us was a german couple. To be more correct, from Eastern Germany. And he explained to her (seems she did not understand english….) that there is “breakfast, lunch and diner” He really said diner and with saxonian subtitles. Thx man you made our day.


Guys believe it or not but finally we´re on vacation. I felt tired during last weeks. Overloaded from a heavy workload. No time for rest and recreation. Never felt before that a timeout is so needful. Now we´re in Egypt again. Same hotel like 2 yrs ago and to be serious it´s great. Hotel is booked only with 50 % of the main capacity and the crowd become more international it seems to me. Not only russian people even from Switzerland, France (*sic*) and I saw a chinese couple as well. And because it´s our second time here (and they remember the nightmare we had two yrs ago…) we´re treated as V.I.Ps which is not that bad :) Weather is nice 24 °C and sun all day but a little bit windy. Anyway. The usual holiday business was started. Means sleep, eat and sports. Tennis in the morning (if it´s not too windy, gym at afternoon) I slept 11 hrs the first night. Without awaken during the night. Haven´t this since month.
And yesterday was my birthday. Now I´m 45 yrs and what does it mean ? Let´s see. My wife says I´m young enough but I guess she said it only for fishing compliments *g* I received a lot of mails and PNs and text messages from my friends and buddies so thank you very much and we´ll have for sure a nice party at our place @home when we´re back and german weather is good enough for BBQ and having some beers.