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July 29, 2012

Tough electro guys don´t dance…..

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.. they marchin’ on !!! So that´s my result of our last weekend. And it´s still true. We have been at Amphi Festival in Cologne which takes place every year. You may check out the line up here (previous and upcoming events) Amphi Festival Line-up this year brought a couple of highlights. First at all for sure our most favourite band Apoptygma Berzerk. Since they divided Stephan comes up with a new crew we ware curious about but it worked as it did in the past. Great job, thx. Check out new APB stuff here APB loves you ! For the girls Eisbrecher played and as we may know Alex is a kind a of womanizer :) Eisbrecher And I was surprised about Camouflage. 80´s pop heroes but it was worse than hell. Sounds like 100 % playback and when they played their most known song “Love is a shield” it was a kind of a nightmare. Next band which was really great for me was Nachtmahr Thomas ist mastermind of Láme Immortelle as well but I definitely like hier “imperial austrian industrial” more than the old L’ame stuff. Performance on stage was a kind of freaky but if you like uniforms and girls in uniforms you´re best placed in front of the stage. Haujobb were great and swedish guys from Spetsnaz. We spend a few good times with buddies of us and may be we´ll see each other next year. One of the most things which disturbed me (and not only me) was that prices for food and drinks like beer and juice were very very high. Sure the would like to earn money and it´s truly understandable but 6 € for a piece of meat and a piece of bread sounds greedy to me.
Anyway. Upcoming event is Maschinenfest and I´ll keep you updated. Until than .. stay tuned

July 11, 2012

pain is gone…

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Shame on me. It has been a long while since my last post. Good news first. The pain I had from disc prolapse is gone. Not 100% but I guess 98,5 % :) Can do my exercices again, can sleep and feel no pain any longer while having sex :)
Soccer European Championship is over, Roland garros is over (congrats to Rafa for his triumph) Wimbledon is over (congrats to KIng Roger now he´s immortal and has his chair beside Rod Laver)
We have been to Italy for a couple of days. Nice weather (40 ° !!!) and we had a amazing night in Verona seeing “Aida” in the old arena of Verona. Even I found out for myself that I´m not a big fan of italian operas. Sometimes I like classic music but I´ll stay away from operas. :)
Let´s see what up next and hopefully you´ll stay with me hear. Keep you updated.

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