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March 5, 2011

Kaho Yai national park

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Trek starts at 8 am. After a short breakfast we went by car to the national park, a Short ride about 15 mins. We were 5 guys on the pick-up jeep and two guides what is pretty nice. First stop was an overview platform where we put on special socks to avoid from leeches. And the guides showed us the first small animals , so-called flying geckos. Very small but we saw them through the binoculars very close, one of them was eating ants :). We went deeper into the park by a very slow driving while the guides were watching out for animals. They showed us the first Gibbon family in the top of a group of trees. Playing around and making a lot of noise. Difficult to take pictures because the lenses of my camera not really made for this. Anyway it was amazing to see the monkeys gliding between the leafes. Next group of monkeys was sitting on the street a whole family of makaks. They were doing socialising without facebook by playing and kidding eachother. A guide tried to feed one of them with an apple but the monkey was to shy or scared. We had a short stopover for a break at the central place just getting a coffee. After that we jumped on the jeep and stopped on a small place where we left the car and started our 3hours walk. The guide shows us a hole on the groundand with a little wooden stick he stirred inside
and catched… a scorpion! And he placed that poison animal on Mandys back. She was screaming but after a couple of seconds she recognized that there’s no danger for her. Sabine took the beast into her hands and was faszinated about the creature. While we were walking our guide explained us a lot about the forest and it’s animals. While we were waiting for hornbills (you can hear them coming because of thenoise the make during their flight) a giant black suqirrel was climbing upa tree. Seems same size like a small rabbit. And than we saw hornbills. A couple, male and female. Beautiful to see. After a while we reached the place where other Greenleaf guys had always a lunch prepared. And than back to the car and a short ride to see a waterfall. What is special with that waterfall ? It’s the one you may have seen in the movie “the beach” and the waterfall isn’t located near the famous Maya bay no it’s right here at Khao Yai. I saw that already so I took a power nap. Meanwhile it was 4 pm and now we were ready for elephant hunting. By camera for sure. We drove slow and saw a lot of elephant signs like small broken trees and others :) Another car comes up and the guys on it were yelling “elephants! elephants” So we drove back and stood still on the rood. And the noise they made comes closer and closer. Wow. 3 meters infront of us an elephant appears from the wood. And the next and than the whole family. Six of them. Amazing. Breathtaking. Wild elephants always a special event for normal europeans like us. We were silent while we watched them eating and as soon as the started to cross the road we left our place as well. To dangerous to stay because of two babies in the group. We were lucky at this day we saw all the animals we missed years ago. And it was a great experience for Sabine as well. And to make this day really perfect we got a very delicious dinner for free when we arrived at the Greenleaf resort. Tom yam gung and fried fish with vegetables and rice. The guides offered this because we came back. Amazing and now you may imagin a little bit about thai hospitality. A fantastic day.Thanks to Greenleaf and we will recommend you to everybody who wants to go to Khao Yai.

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