Pak Chong – Ayutthaya

We went to Ayutthaya by ordinary train, 23 thai baht (50 € cents) and it was fun. A lot of people in and every second another offer for cold drinks, food or snacks. Ayutthaya was a former capital and was destroyed by burmese troops in 1767. This will be never forgotten by thai people. We chartered a Tuktuk for a roundtrip through the ancient city. It’s more comfortable than walking around during in the heat of the day. It was interesting to see the old buildings and ruins some of them were rebuilt to demonstrate how the life was in former ages. At 21:01 pm the train to Chiang Mai leaves which was our next destination. With a little delay we started the ride to the north. 12 hours by train. But no worries it is a so-called “sleeper” :)

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