November 2, 2015

It is November in Germany….

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Yesterday I took a ride with the Mini convertible car and walked in the sun around the Rothsee. Great. Can’t remember when I had this the last time I’m Germany.

And today (2nd November) we had lunch outside …. wow.

And 4 days to go till Thailand…. yeah

October 18, 2015

Sunday Morning 

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Starts with the freelethics Zeus program ( done within 19:48 which is personal best for endurance) and now we will have a brunch with friends. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect Sunday ? 


October 11, 2015

MF 2k15

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MF is nearly over. 3 days of ambient, rhythm’noise and industrial. We had a pretty good time, even Friday night was hard coz if a long day. Highlights so far Talvekoidik and Wieloryb for industrial. Drumcorps was nice and Rummelsnuff did an awesome performance 

For today Asche/Morgenstern and Geistform to expect 

Will return next year for sure. Same hotel , always a good choice to stay there. We spent the time in the Spa area and went out for dinner to a Polish restaurant (very good I had bigos which is one of the polish national dishes) and today for Greek food, cheap and excellent. Since years a remarkable event and this year even more because it’s our 5th anniversary. My dear, I still love you , thanks so much for this time and for all experiences and for the love you share. And hopefully much more to come.

September 27, 2015

Counting days….

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… 14 until noise, ambient, industrial

… 40 until SouthEastAsia vacation ….


Nuremberg Zoo

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For today , our active leisure Sunday , we decided to visit the Nuremberg Zoo. To be honest it is my first time after living more than 20 years in Frankonian area. Pretty nice, it has been built up according to the sand stone natural environment. 3.5 hours took the walk, definitely worth to spend the entrance fee.

and the best … it was a sunny day and my wife gave me a ride with the Mini :)

September 23, 2015


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Last new years eve we conducted to more activities , and what shall I say, we fulfilled this very well. One of our new hobbies is hiking. And even better we found out that we do not need to travel to Austria or Switzerland coz we have are surrounded by beatiful forests , hills and very well prepared hiking trails. Mostly on Sunday’s we tie our boots. Most trails between 14 and 18 km and our favorite areas are the frankonian Swiss or the frankonian lakeside. It’s fun and healthy and it frees our mind. So either I’m old enough to do it we are following the actual trend. no matter what , we like it. From last weekend an impression


July 5, 2015

Portuguese Wedding – July 2015

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We have been invited for a wedding in Portugal. Great. I have been to Portugal already but on business purposes only. So now vacation and wedding ceremony. Flight starts with a surprise, we flu TAP and got an upgrade (for free) into Business Class (which is even more nice if you don´t expect this) Smooth flight and been picked up by Joao at Lisbon airport. Drove directly to Setubal and found a nice place (I knew only the former flat..) with a spacious room and our own bathroom. Really nice. Everything was prepared very well and we were looking forward to meet new people and see our old friends again. We had lots of fun, Joao and his wife are pretty nice hosts and we enjoyed everything. Food, location, party, the peninsula trip and we had great times. Thanks again for invitation. Just to share some pictures taken during these days 

view from the roof top terrace of the wedding place  
what a beautiful couple live long and prosper !!!

and you are as beatiful as you have always been I love you  
 the beach of Setubal 

May 22, 2015

new family member

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Since May this year a new family member came aboard. It is orange colored and mini. It has promise a lot of fun and indeed promise has been kept ;)

Mini Cooper Cabrio

May 10, 2015

Rome – May 2015

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Even it took a while but finally I made my wife’s wish come true and for her birthday we went to the eternal city.
The flight was short and even if we had chosen a low-cost carrier it was ok. As you may know hotels are mostly not cheap in Rome we decided to get a room on AirB´n`B. It worked like a charm, we found a nice and clean room in Trastevere, a hip and cool area.
Rome is not that stressful as I thought, everything (tourist attractions) can be reached in a walking distance. The food and the coffee is still great. Our tipp try the suppli, a typical rice with mozzarella deep fried stuff, verrrrry yummy.
It was Mandys birthday and I took her out for a nice dinner in Trastevere.


Next day Vatican city, Sixtina, and St Angels Castle. We visit the Colloseum but haven´t enough time for queuing. So much to see , we both agreed we´ll return definitely. We had a great time for sure. Thank you very much my dear.

this is not the Trevi Fontaine :) (internal joke)  

inside the Vatican museum 

the large St. Peter’s square  

Swiss guarde 


March 9, 2015

Egypt – March 2015

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yeah finally again back at our favorite hotel in Egypt, the Citadel Azur at Sahl Haaschesch. Luxury rooms and a relaxed stay as expected. Special thanks goes to Isabel from guest relations. Great job since many years. Even people ask stupid questions like “we would like to have German language speaking staff…” (in German of course …) Please stay at home ….


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