Monthly Archives: January 2010


I feel sick. Cough and headache. Hope it will be better til monday…… food for next days is tea with lemon and honey. And my wife made the best chicken noodle soup at this continent. Yammi. As a plus, I can lay lazy on a couch and watch the women final of the Australian Open. And for sure tomorrow the final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Look forward to watch it.


Next black belt exam will be held in Schwabach, Frankonia, 20th February. Will go for 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo. Cross fingers..

upcoming vacation

So, we decided for that year to go to … Sri Lanka. Beautiful island. Land of spices and tea. Will start journey March 20th. We will keep you informed. And for sure, I look forward on that ride….


Yeah lots of snow in Bavaria… I drove to a city near Ulm today. That wasn´t fun , 3,5 hours for 160 kilometers. And spent 1,5 hours in horrible traffic jam….. *sigh*