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Belgrade. Serbia

Went for a business trip and can’t remember which time I was there. I crawled my memories and looks like it was during the old commis days. Trip was successful so i’ll be in Belgtade more often in the future. people are kind, food is great and the old ancient part comes with it’s own charme.

Real Serbia food

two rivers coming together

see you guys

Kuala Lumpur – and back to Germany

Flew to KL from HK, never had the experience before in an A 380. And it was great. Amazing to see this huge bird from the inside, no noise, unable to feel the smooth airborne, really great. Flight took around 3 hrs. Hotel in KL was located directly in KLCC. pretty nice rooms, good breakfast buffet, pool. Nothing else needed. Impiana Hotel Sunday I watched the French Open final, Rafa wons and he becomes immortal for the tennis sport after winning 8 times. Had some Tiger beers and a 50 inch TV on a half open terrace bar at 15th floor with the illuminated Petronas Towers behind me. Great. Monday work with our stuff to train and afterwards went outside KL to meet a swiss guy, he also runs a business to provide professional services for open source software. And he plays tennis as well so we had a 2,5 hrs match which he wons. Remember, 32° C outside, humidity very high, not my own racket and hard court instead of sand. I did my best :) Afterwards we had a nice chat before I went back to my hotel. Tuesday internal stuff as well and at night dinner with my colleagues. Fantastic food, Tiger beer and business talk as well. Let´s see what future brings.
Flying back to HK early morning on Thursday. I choose the Regal Airport Hotel coz my flight back was scheduled for Friday morning 7:30 am. Doesn´t make sense to stay at Kowloon or HongKong area. Took the airport express train to meet my colleague once again. He brought a new candidate for our HK brunch in and we talked with that guy. Not that bad at all. At this time my stomach starts a revolution. Not sure where it comes from but I felt so bad and my belly was like a huge bubble. So strange. it was a horrible night and when I got up at 5 am I felt tired and knackered. And so many hours in front to spent in a plan…….
I landed in Munich Friday night and my beloved wife picked me up. So great to see her with a rose in her hands waiting for me at the arrival hall. I surprised her with some gifts and presents and well, even the plan was a little bit different I went to bad coz of my stomach. I hope it becomes better soon, seems like a kind of virus infect I brought back home.
After all it was nice to back out for business again after no travelling for last 6 month. And glad to be home, if I could do that every half a year it´s fine.

Hong Kong – June 2013

One week in Hong Kong , just for business purpose. Flight was ok, hotel as well. Shit load of work to do, cover the training and work afterwards (coz of being 7 hrs ahead..) on german stuff. And serve customers as well in Hong Kong. Great. But it´s done. Food was great as always in Asia, HK is a melting pot where you can get every kind of asian food. Had a nice thai style dinner (som tam thai and pad thai gai, what else) and Beer Chang as well. Had the best chinese beef noodle soup ever, in a small food stall for less than 40 HK$. At the end, the week was good. Headed to KL on Saturday, first time I flu on an A380. Nice experience. Made a small movie about. Weather in KL is cloudy and some rain during the night. Should be more relaxed than HK, serve internal training and some other internal stuff for just 3 days.
It has been a long time ago since my last travel outside Germany for business and so I noticed once again , I miss my home and my beloved wife. Well, I really like doing my job, but since I just work from home it´s not that often that I´ll be on business travel. On the other hand, I like Asia and so it´s fine now , but I´m looking forward to go back home. Friday will be the day. Stay tuned.

as usual ….

….I´m a lazy guy :) Beg your pardon for such a long time without a post. Right now on my way to Asia, even it´s business purpose I´m looking forward being in Hong Kong and KL again. Last weeks were stressful and took a bunch of energy but it will be better, I guess (and X my fingers for that). Meanwhile I´m sitting in Bangkok, airport @ RoyalSilk , had a shower after a relaxed flight and wait for my connecting flight to Hong Kong. 2 hrs layover is fine if you can spend it smoothly. Will keep you updated.. really .. really really :)

Hong Kong – morning

Breakfast is not included in my room rate which isn´t that bad. And the coffee here is worse than hell…. and expensive. So I did my morning walk to Sha Tin New Plaza and grabbed a Starf**ks coffee. Even this is not real stuff but ok. While having a smoke I was watching people doing Tai Chi Chuan in the central place. Lots of, mostly elderly people. Very interesting to see. Sha Tin is not HK downtown so it´s more originally than the business main districts here. And I had a typical chinese breakfast with Dim Sum and some cakes, went into 7/11 for a bottle of water and after getting a shower I´ll start my daily business. Last night we tried to arrange a Visa for India. Means I´ll get a Visa for India while being in Hong Kong which is strange thing. But let´s see if it works. And now you know my next destination as well. Keep you updated.

Hong Kong – again

Since Sunday I´m back to HK , again. City seems to be the same, but I stay in ShaTin area which is not so crowded as HK downtown. Look outside my hotel window shows green hills and some parks in this area complete a smooth and relaxed picture. 7/11 is closed to my place and it´s good enough for a quick breakfast ( hotel charges 200 HK$ for breakfast ) and some other staff. Well, it´s not my first time so I´m not interested in sight seeing and other typical tourist stuff. What´s on my list for now .. Try to visit “Shanghai barber” means an old chinese man shaves my head by blade. Some food stalls located around the corner and all of them server tasty local kantonese dishes you may know I like having local asian food. In HK downtown restaurants mostly server high price tourist food , not here. Will spend 14 days here and hopefully it´s relaxed and I guess I have the time to enjoy spare time too. Weather is not too bad at all, HK is affecte by a Tsunami closed to mainland China so it rains sometimes. And I miss my wife. As usual the more far I´m the more I miss you my love……..

Monterrey – at the end

Everything comes to an end and so also my days in Monterrey. Work is done, customer is hopefully satisfied. Many thanks to my dear colleague Francisco (or as we call him Paco…). It was a pleasure. Work and the tim ewe spent together. Monterrey was hit by Hurricane Alex 3 weeks ago. The damage is visible mostly everywhere. But I guess we could handle it and the people will rebuild the streets and parks and all the other stuff. 3 days ago a policeman was killed 100 mtrs in front of my hotel. Awful. The war is here. War about drugs money and power. The german Spiegel sets the headline for that Drug war in México But sorry guys german only. I felt sometimes insecure and it was good that people carried me back to the hotel instead sticking me into a taxi with maybe a ticket to nowhere. I met friendly people and I guess I have more seen than all the Yucatan and Cancun tourists. What impresses me much was the old sénor who says whenever I´ll be back to Monterrey I´ll find a place in his house. So my suitcase is already packed I´ll go and have a beer at the poolside. And on Sunday I have my wife back. After two weeks, finally. I have never felt before that I miss her so much….

Monterrey – 3rd day

I´m happy. My suitcase arrived within only 2 days delay. 2 days same clothes, 35 °C outside, aircon inside. Blame K*M famous dutch airline in cooperation with the famous french airline. Working conditions are fine after 1st day. And the hotel has a pool *smile* Yesterday we went out for dinner, typically mexican food. A lot of :) But very tasty. Totally different from what they serve in Germany. A friend of my colleague told me that yesterday 17 people died by grenades in the neighbourhood. Northern México bombing Good to know. I should go for a Desert Eagle…. Kidding. But a lot of people were kidnapped during last weeks just to press money from their families. So better stay at the hotel , use only taxis called be hotel staff and don´t go out by night. On the other hand, Monterrey is surrounded by mountains. Nice to see…. you can check out the facts about Monterrey here And Monterrey is also called “City of mountains” coz it´s surrounded by Sierra Madre Oriental. To give you an impression …. a part of Sierra Madre oriental Famous mexican musicians El Mariachi ….

Monterrey – México

First time in México. Monterrey is located in the north of México, closed to the border to U.S. (ok not sooo closed…) Nice place to be, I´ll check that out at the weekend and will keep you informed. Sorry for no postings during the last time but a shitload of work and less spare time s the reason for…..