Monthly Archives: January 2011

my new I(dea)Pad

I ordered an iPad from Apple couple days ago from the US store. But after a while I thought about all the drawbacks on it. No slot for SD cards, no USB connectors, no keyboard and so on (don’t count the external expensive tools..) So what to do ? I have my netb00k and remembered an article how to run Mac OS X Leopard on that. This would give me the functionality of a stable OS and a small and easy to carry device. I was searching around and found a lot of interesting stuff about that. Started on Saturday morning by following the instructions I picked. On Sunday afternoon it was done! yeah nice and fancy. Works fine, stable and fast. Ok ethernet doesn’t work (don’t need that because WLAN is working) and internal mic is unusable. The mic would be needful for skype I guess. May be there’ll be a solution for that later on. I’ld like to say many many thanks to all the guys doing the hard work of figuring out and provide all those information to everybody. Hm does somebody need an iPad from Apple ??? *smile*

20 – eleven

Let´s see what it brings, the new year. As mentioned before we have some plans for our future. Depends on some external factors if it works or not. And we booked our vacation for this year. My wife said “no experiments” and so we will fly to Bangkok :) May be we´ll take on of our buddies with us would be nice. Our plan is to travel the way we did years ago when we were the first time in Thailand. And for sure we´ll spend a couple of days at Koh Payam which is one of the islands I can lay down my head and will be relaxed within few hours. Looking forward to see old friends again. And have great days as we had in the past. You may check out our favourite place to stay Bamboo Bungalows But until this I´ve a s**tload of work to do. As usual.