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Maschinenfest 2k12 is coming !!!

To whom it may concern, website is online for Maschinenfest 2012. If you have never heard about than you better join :) Worlds largest independent/underground festival for electronic music. Website can be found here Maschinenfest2k12 While waiting I found this documentation about 2k11 festival on YT and I´ld to share it with you Documentation MF 2k11
See you guys there in October 2012. Don´t forget to reserve your hotel rooms :)

Hong Kong – morning

Breakfast is not included in my room rate which isn´t that bad. And the coffee here is worse than hell…. and expensive. So I did my morning walk to Sha Tin New Plaza and grabbed a Starf**ks coffee. Even this is not real stuff but ok. While having a smoke I was watching people doing Tai Chi Chuan in the central place. Lots of, mostly elderly people. Very interesting to see. Sha Tin is not HK downtown so it´s more originally than the business main districts here. And I had a typical chinese breakfast with Dim Sum and some cakes, went into 7/11 for a bottle of water and after getting a shower I´ll start my daily business. Last night we tried to arrange a Visa for India. Means I´ll get a Visa for India while being in Hong Kong which is strange thing. But let´s see if it works. And now you know my next destination as well. Keep you updated.

Hong Kong – again

Since Sunday I´m back to HK , again. City seems to be the same, but I stay in ShaTin area which is not so crowded as HK downtown. Look outside my hotel window shows green hills and some parks in this area complete a smooth and relaxed picture. 7/11 is closed to my place and it´s good enough for a quick breakfast ( hotel charges 200 HK$ for breakfast ) and some other staff. Well, it´s not my first time so I´m not interested in sight seeing and other typical tourist stuff. What´s on my list for now .. Try to visit “Shanghai barber” means an old chinese man shaves my head by blade. Some food stalls located around the corner and all of them server tasty local kantonese dishes you may know I like having local asian food. In HK downtown restaurants mostly server high price tourist food , not here. Will spend 14 days here and hopefully it´s relaxed and I guess I have the time to enjoy spare time too. Weather is not too bad at all, HK is affecte by a Tsunami closed to mainland China so it rains sometimes. And I miss my wife. As usual the more far I´m the more I miss you my love……..