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Hurghada – as it should be

We got a pretty nice room, a bottle of champaign and a fruit plate was well as free massage voucher and a late checkout. Room is perfect, ways not too long. Yesterday we went out for dinner to a brazilian restaurant and had nice food, a good bottle of white wine and after having dinner we had the champaign as well at our terrace. (Yes we also have a private terrace *g*). That´s what we expected from the beginning. Anyway. We´ve a couple of days left for relaxing and get the deserved rest. Now it feels like vacation….mat_poolpoolsidedemonstrated by a famous austrian guy named Frank
Update: unfortunately I got a diarrhoea on the last day :( Not sure if I´ld like to go to Egypt again…..

Hurghada – story continues…

So I know some guys read the last entry. Yesterday when I came back from a tennis match Mandy was starring at me like a ghost. I asked her what´s going on and she told me that she is sick. *sigh* The revenge of the pharao got her. Horrible. Went to the doctor (he´s inside the hotel, fortunately…) and he applied a injection and gave her capsules. At least 80 € to pay but she felt better this morning. To be serious this will be our last rip to that country. I had a chat with the general manager on duty (an european guy) and he tried to explain me but all I want from him was the promise that we´ll get a nice and clean room today. So guy cross your fingers on that and I´ll keep you updated as usual…..

Hurghada, Egypt – chaos as never expected

What a horrible day! We arrived in time, got luggage and went to bus station. Small van, only 4 people going to that hotel, at least the to girls went to another one. We´re happy. But than… hotel staff told the travel agent, they´re fully booked. Ok to remain you, journey booked 6 weeks ago and already paid. What´s going on here ? Ok, they offered us 2 options. Another 5 star hotel or the hole week on a boot which is anchored at the lagoon. Damned shit , what the hell they´re talking about ? So we went to the other hotel. To make the long story short, it was a crappy shitty dirty place. Just under construction, dirty uncleaned rooms. People were laying at the lobby coz they don´t want to check in. That time we met a friendly and almost honorable austrian couple and at this point we did not know that is the beginning of a ride nowhere. A travel agent told us he´s not longer responsible for us and turned back. I called a local travel agency number but no one was able to provide a solution. So we went back to the original hotel and placed ourself into the lobby. We got several offers what to do but no suggestions which we would really wanna take. We discussed, called, Mandy was crying, I was in an angry mood, Frank and Marlene were frustrated as well, nobody knows what to do and how to act and react. We talked to officials and non-officials. At least we impend to give the story to the press, inform broadcast stations and bloggers. It wasn´t possible to talk to the hotel manager himself but we guess that something must wrong between travel agency and hotel from the past. We found many explanations but at least we didn´t know. After 10 hours travel agency send someone who was able to make a decision. So they offered us to stay 2 days on the boat and the (with a granted 100 % guarantee) move to a room and providing some additional services to us like free massage, late check-out for free and so on. We accepted and after a really hard 36 hours ride we made it. It was a horrible trip and we felt tired as never felt before. Or no often before. For me like doing business and negotiating with customers even I was a customer at this time. And it´s so tricky to deal with arab people, as you might know. So but now let´s start for our vacation.

Hope for Burma

The news of today. The government in Burma (and I don´t wanna say Myanmar coz this name for the country was given by the generals) today released Aung San Suu Kyi after all the years of house arrest. Auun San Suu Kyi freed So now there is a new hope for all burmese people. I will cross my fingers and burn an incense stick. Looking forward going again to Burma…. to a free country.

Vacation – going to Egypt

To keep you guys updated… tomorrow starts our vacation. First time that we´ll be together for a whole week since Sri Lanka, which was in Feb/March this year. Really looking forward to spent this week in Egypt. Actually we decided last year after being there that we wouldn´t go again to egypt. But if you´re looking for a place in a short distance by plane with sun, more than 25°C and comfortable staying Egypt is preferred. So I´ll send some pictures even you´ll hate me for :) have a nice time….

Maschinenfest 2k10

Yesterday was our first night at Maschinenfest 2k10. Great. Met old buddies and I was surprised how good the connection still ist. Industrial projects were pretty cool, best yesterday for me was Config.Sys (as soon as the lady stopped singing…) but the others were good too. I missed Mandelbrot which is a project of one of my buddies as well as 13thMonkey which is a side project of Thedi from K.I.E.W .. sorry guys. We had beer and music and some fantastic chats, let me say thx to my pretty awesome companion Anja. *hug* So let´s see what tonight is going on , looking forward to see and hear Winterkälte and many other more projects. Anja mentioned right now for her best was Bipol….
Update 2nd Day. More noise and industrial, for sure. Also very smooth sounds from ABs6 and Subheim. Ah-Cama-Sotz were good as I remembered old gigs. Winterkälte gives you the smash right into your brain. Excellent performances. It´s a pitty that we miss today, coz of a heavy workload from tomorrow but at least next year Maschinenfest is pre-booked for me…. Hope to see all guys again. Special thx to Babsi and Chris and Sina and Usch (old buddies from d.s.s.g) ….