Monthly Archives: September 2015

Nuremberg Zoo

For today , our active leisure Sunday , we decided to visit the Nuremberg Zoo. To be honest it is my first time after living more than 20 years in Frankonian area. Pretty nice, it has been built up according to the sand stone natural environment. 3.5 hours took the walk, definitely worth to spend the entrance fee.

and the best … it was a sunny day and my wife gave me a ride with the Mini :)


Last new years eve we conducted to more activities , and what shall I say, we fulfilled this very well. One of our new hobbies is hiking. And even better we found out that we do not need to travel to Austria or Switzerland coz we have are surrounded by beatiful forests , hills and very well prepared hiking trails. Mostly on Sunday’s we tie our boots. Most trails between 14 and 18 km and our favorite areas are the frankonian Swiss or the frankonian lakeside. It’s fun and healthy and it frees our mind. So either I’m old enough to do it we are following the actual trend. no matter what , we like it. From last weekend an impression