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Koh Payam – the island

Spent a week on the most lovely island and it was great to show it to those they haven’t seen it before and only heard stories about. Was great as well to stay with JJ and his team , had good times and a pleasant stay. And good to see our old friends Tim and Astrid again , even for an extended hi-bye. Went back in time as well as we were talking about future. Loved it to share with the beloved people. And not only the sunsets were awesome. Food, coffee, glad to got the massage service from Oi again. Young families bring up new businesses and at the end we all will see us again @ Payam (which known as Payummy island as well….) Have a safe trip and take care wherever you go….


The island – again

Koh Payam – travel was never easier. Night bus arrived 6:30 (instead of 4:30 in the past) first speed boat at 8, step on the island 8:30. Unbelievable :) JJ resort and the last week of our vacation has started. It is great as it always was and is. People welcomed us warmly and it felt like coming home. Team had slightly changed but Rambo and Noi still serve awesome seafood. Sunsets are still beautiful and enjoyable 

Topics at the island ? Do nothing. Rent a motor bike, cross the island (Ao Kwai beach) have nice food and enjoy your being on earth …


Kao Yai national parkĀ 

3rd time there, the small resort fully booked (we got a small bungalow next door ) and had the 1.5 day tour, booked with the famous guys from http://www.greenleaftour./contact.html

Lek was a great guide and even we were unlucky to see the wild elephants we had lots of fun. Trail was nice, unfortunately no Hornbill time (so sad…) but to see a wild crocodile is a story as well. 

A white gibbon seen through an ocular. Many makak monkeys on the street and the most known waterfall in Thailand ( yes the one from the movie “The Beach”) 

And we celebrated Mathias’ birthday with a big cake and candles. Seems he was a little bit impressed :)

And as usual for those they return … a very yummy dinner had been prepared for us. Great , we will come back.

Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima

Biggest city in the Isaan and its gate as well. Foreigners not seen here so often and it may happen that people can’t stop looking on you. Hotel is quite good , Romyen Garden, only a pool is missing :)

Experience: go to a food stall where nobody speaks a language you speak and with a Thai menue only and get the best Tom Yum Kung / Gai ever.

And more and more coffee shops opened. even here in Korat, which is definitely not a tourist city. May be a new coffee culture is going to be established ? Looks like.

Amazon coffee shop close to our hotel.

Topic for today , bus to Pak Chong and take the famous Kao Yai national park tour.

Chiang Mai – Sukhothai

From the north to the cradle of Thailand in 5.5 hrs by bus (213 THB). Some agencies told us no bus available , so we went to central bus station and bought it. easily. Had a good time in Chiang Mai, better than last time we have been there. For Sukhothai we have chosen to stay at J&J again, but for the next time the Pai guesthouse is the better option , same prices but more quiet and a pool, yeah. Been there for the last half day before taking night (VIP!!!) bus to Khon Khen.

Old Sukhothai was beautiful as always , samlor was 800 THB for 4 hrs. Yes it was hot and more people coming to Sukhothai , but still not overcrowded as Ayuttha is. You know I’m not a believer, but at those places I can feel some spirituality … And so I burned some incense sticks…. may be Lord Buddah will see it.

Best Story of the day: Transport from hotel to bus station, one samlor arrived. To pick four of us and our luggage. 20 meters and we were upset. Nothing happened but a little bit scary. So we told the guy to go twice , seems he was too greedy. Earn all the money for one ride. Later on we’re laughing about the accident. 

Chiang Mai – Elephant CampĀ 

We have been at an elephant camp yesterday , even for us it was the first time. Pickup was around 8 and one hour to drive to the mountains. We got the instructions about the camp and the elephants, their life and food and for sure how to handle them. Small group of 6 people. It was a little bit difficult to get on the back to ride. A small bamboo stick helps , rub on the front head and yell “thoi” means go back , jut means stop. After the lesson was done we had a lunch and afterwards we were making balls of tamarinds , salt and rice to feed the elephant. Our elephant was a female and her name was Khon-Dee. The mahout was with us for sure. one elephant one mahout – a relationship for an entire life. It felt scary for the first meters , sitting on the giant. You sit on her back , 2 meters high, nothing to grab and you will realize that a wrong move might be the end of the journey. But Khon-Dee was really good, we stopped when she was hungry and found a lot of green plants on the way. It was a great feeling to ride an elephant. An elephant needs a bath 4 times per day. So let’s go swimming :) A small pool fits up to 3 elephants. They were scrubbed and washed , and they obviously enjoyed it. When we finished the  elephant washing ceremony … we brought them to the mud bath. It’s like a body lotion , bacteria protection and sun protection as well to them if they over and over covered with mud. 

It was really an enjoyable day and to ride an elephant is a once in s lifetime experience , if you have the chance , do it.

Pictures will follow. 

Chiang Mai

Back to the northern city again after 4 years. And without any prejudices , seems better than the last time. Last time I run away after two days. Had (so far) the best noodle soup for 30 THB and the drink of this vacation is … yes Chang beer as always but Thai tee , sweetened and iced , very yummy.

Update: try Burmese food at The Swan, close to Tapae Gate. Authentic Burmese cuisine , pickled tea leaf salat as good as in Birma.

Bangkok 2015

We arrived in Bangkok after a quite nice flight at 8 pm. Everything went well and after a quick lunch in Sukhumvit surrounded by ladyboys a long day was over. Hotel is not that bad. It is interesting to see the impressions our friends got from the city. I was wondering if I felt the same years before , may be. Bangkok is as it always was and I’m sure it will be. Noisy, hot, stressful but never unfriendly or unkind. Highlight on the first day was the Octave rooftop bar, Marriot hotel Soi 38. Breathtaking view over Bangkok. A thunderstorm was coming , lightning strikes above our heads and rain was coming as well. To me, the best was to share this with my beloved. 

Wat Po was overcrowded as always but still impressive , unfortunately we had no chance to see the Grand Palace , too many people having the same idea. So we took a local bus back to BTS and went through Chinatown, and we paid 9 THB each. Afternoon business as usual, spent some time at the rooftop pool area. Dinner was agreed with my colleague form Malaysia. They followed our recommendation and we had a 3 hrs dinner with a bunch of very yummy dishes (even fried frog) and some beers. 

Day 3 was for traveling , we reserved train tickets for 7:35 to Chiang Mai. same same but different … it became a farang train, no Thai People except the stuff. Times are changing ….

It is November in Germany….

Yesterday I took a ride with the Mini convertible car and walked in the sun around the Rothsee. Great. Can’t remember when I had this the last time I’m Germany.

And today (2nd November) we had lunch outside …. wow.

And 4 days to go till Thailand…. yeah